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Why Salt a Pond? - No Pond draining necessary!

by PondMarket
PondMarket.com, 05/07/10

Pond Information and Supplies

How does your Pond taste?

Do you REALLY still drain your Pond?

The Algae Batallion is  B A C K !!!

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A Taste of your Pond..........Pond Draining - why?.......Fund (Pond) Fact

Pond Salt is magic for Ponds 

We are NOT suggesting you actually taste your Pond Water!
What we do suggest is that you consider adding Pond Salt!
Pond Salt has many benefits for the Pond and the Pond Fish in it:
    • It stabilizes the pH (add it AFTER adjusting the pH)
    • It helps Pond Fish regenerate their slime coat (important after handling, spawning)
    • It helps to reduce Pond Fish Parasites
    • It improves gill function
    • It reduces Ammonia and Nitrite poisoning symptoms
    • It helps to balance essential electrolytes in Pond Fish
    • It reduces stress (calms fish after handling, predator attacks, etc)
Need we say more? Every Pond with Pond Fish needs Pond Salt!
How much to use: 5 lbs per 1000 gallons for Ponds with Plants (more can be used in Ponds without Plants).
Caution: Do NOT use regular table salt! It contains ingredients that are toxic to fish. Pond Fish need very pure salt without any additives!

Remember our wildly popular Algae Batallion? We had to pull it off the market for a while until we could comply with new EPA regulations.
Well, the Algae Batallion is back and it is better than ever!


cleaning pond, draining pond, scrubbing pond
Still draining and scrubbing the Pond? Yuck! Nobody does that anymore with any but the smallest Pond!
Here is what to do to avoid that awful chore:
    • Increase oxygen at the Pond bottom level - easily done with an inexpensive air pump)
    • Use Beneficial Bacteria every couple of weeks to reduce debris
    • Vacuum Ponds without gravel bottom occasionally (gravel bottom ponds are too difficult to vacuum) - vacuuming briefly and regularly is easier & more efficient than one big job in the Spring
    • Use an oxygen based cleaner to keep Waterfalls, Liners and Rocks looking good
Note: About a 1/3 water change should be done in the Spring and in the Autumn to reduce build up of toxins caused by evaporation - don't forget to use De-Chlorinator!


Add beauty and oxygen in one easy, efficient step: Add a Pump/Filter/Fountain Kit. The extra oxygen and filtration will be beneficial for your Pond Fish and it looks great, too!


Pond Fountain Filter Pump Kit all in one

 Fun (Pond) Fact (TM)  

Koi generally only spawn once a year - Goldfish, on the other hand, spawn repeatedly all season long all the way from early spring until late fall (depending on the weather)

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