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Tetra Pond Pump Pre-Filter

Tetra Pond Pump Pre-Filter

Product #: 26579
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Online Price: $24.99

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Heavy Duty Pond Pump Pre-Filter to extend the life of Pond Pumps. The TetraPond Cylinder Pre-Filter is easy to install and dramatically reduces Pond Pump damage due to the intake of bottom debris. Stops sand, gravel, twigs or other foreign matter from damaging pump impeller. This mechanical Pond Pump Pre-Filter can function as a biological Pond Filter for very small Ponds with few Pond Fish.
Use the included adapter to connect the TetraPond Cylinder Pre-Filter to the intake of any TetraPond Water Garden Pump and other similar submersible Pond Pumps.
Foam insert doubles pump protection with added mechanical filtration.


  • Foam insert (4" dia x 6" high)
  • Adapter to connect pre-filter to tubing (1" thread to 1" barb)
  • 4" long section of 1" ID tubing
  • 2 Inlet adapters for Pond Pumps (1-1/4" MPT x 1" barb and 3/4" MPT x 1" barb)

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