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Tetra Pond Ultra Violet Clarifiers

Product #: 19523|19520|19521|19522
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Tetra Pond UVCs (Ultra Violet Clarifiers) are available in 4 sizes:

Part #
Max Pond Size(Gallons)
Inlet/Outlet Size
UVC 5 (19523) 660 3/4" thru 1.25" $139.99
UVC 9 (19520)


3/4" thru 1.25"


UVC 18 (19521)


3/4" thru 1.25"


UVC 36 (19522)


3/4" thru 1.25"


A little bit about Tetra Pond GreenFree UV Clarifiers:

  1. Transparent inlet and outlet allows for easy viewing of flow rate and bulb function.
  2. Design of unit allows for full power of UV bulb to be transfered to Algae Bloom (the green in water).
  3. The quartz tube inside the UV fixture is of high clarity.
  4. This unit does come with mounting brackets so it can be mounted to virtually anything, but  the unit does not have to be mounted.
  5. Minimum bulb-to-water-jacket distance for efficient water treatment.
  6. The power cable is waterproof.

Customer Reviews

165 of 301 found the following review helpful:
5 Stars Works Great, Tetra Stands Behind this Product
by Robert Morris from Northern Virginia on Aug 30, 2008
  I have been running a UV2 for three seasons. This UV filter works exactly as advertised. When I tried to change the UV bulb at the beginning of this spring, I broke a small plastic sleeve which the pipe attaches to. I called Tetra and they mailed one free of charge within a few days. Completely satisfied.
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