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Atlantic Real Looking Skimmer (Fake) Rock Lids

Product #: RL30|RL40|RL70|RL140
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Atlantic Water Gardens has done it again! Every year they continue to improve their line and surpass the competition. The 2011 season is no different! These rock lids for skimmer filters look natural, have natural finishes, are lightweight, their durable, and the finishes match the geology of any region in the U.S. 


Each one is made to fit Atlantic Water Gardens equipment and is available in 4 regional colors and finishes . See below:

  • Great Lakes
  • Desert
  • Mountain
  • Southern

RL30 fits/covers

RL40 fits/covers

RL70 fits/covers

RL140 fits/covers

PV1800 Pump Vault

PS4000 Pond Skimmer

PS7000 Pond Skimmer

PS14000 Pond Skimmer

PV2300 Pump Vault

PS4500 Pond Skimmer

PS9500 Pond SKimmer

PS20000 Pond SKimmer

PS3900 Pond Skimmer

PS4600 Pond Skimmer




PS4900 Pond Skimmer



24" L x 24" W x 5"  H

32" L x 30" W x 5" H

40" L x 36" W x 10" H

42" L x 38" W x 10" H

$155.99 + $45 shipping

$180.99+$75 shipping

$230.99+$150 shipping

$280.99+$175 shipping

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