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Oase Pond O Vac 4

Oase Pond O Vac 4

Product #: 50409
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Online Price: $399.99

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Oase Pond Vacs have been the premier choice of pond vacs for the pond hobbyist for many years. From the original Pond O Vac, then the Pond O Vac 2, followed by the Pond O Vac 3, and now the Pond O Vac 4, they keep improving and becoming better. Most of the previous models are still sold today in Europe.  Pond O Vac 4s will work in chlorinated water as well making it suitable for swimming pools and swimming ponds.

The reinvented Pond O Vac 4 has a patented two chamber system allowing the unit to fill and empty simueltaneously. This does not mean that the Pond O Vac will not pump out your entire pond while vacuuming. It does mean that you do not have to turn the unit off to drain the tank or wait for the unit to cycle while the tank is draining.

Many Pond Vaccuming systems are not capable of efficiently cleaning a pond with a gravel bottom. Oase Pond O Vac 4 pond vacuums are the only pond vaccuums that have a special attachment that allows the vacuum to clean between and underneath rock.

Product characteristics at a glance

  • For use in ponds and pools
  • Patented two-chamber system for continuous operation
  • 1800 Watt Motor!
  • ALUMINUM Suction Tubes
  • 3-year* Limited Warranty
    *2 years plus FREE 1-year extension upon product registration
Suction Height [ft.] 8
Suction Hose Length 16
Drain Hose Length [ft.] 8
Power Consumption [ft.] 1800
Power Requirements 110-120
Power Cable Length [ft.] 13
Dimensions [Dia. x H, in] 15x27
Weight [lbs.] 35



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