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Hardy Water Lilies "Pink" 3pk Bare Root

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Variety                            ScientificName                                         BloomColor


MatureSize      PriceFor3Plants ShippingCost
Assorted Our Choice       $93.99 FREE
Arc-En-Ceil  Nymphaea x 'Arc-en-ceil'  Pink  Green w/white flecks  Medium $93.99 FREE
Bernice Ikins  Nymphaea x 'Bernice Ikins'  Pink  Green  Medium $93.99 FREE
Colorado  Nymphaea x 'Colorado'  Salmon  Green  Medium $93.99 FREE
Dallas  Nymphaea x 'Dallas'  Pink  Green  Medium $93.99 FREE
Denver's Delight  Nymphaea x 'Denver's Delight'  Pink  Green  Medium $93.99 FREE
Fabiola  Nymphaea x 'Fabiola'  Pink  Green  Medium $93.99 FREE
Hollandia  Nymphaea x 'Hollandia'  Pink  Green  Medium $93.99 FREE
Joanne Pring  Nymphaea x 'Joanne Pring'  Pink  Green  Small $93.99 FREE
Laydekeri Lilacea  Nymphaea x 'Laydekeri Lilacea  Pink  Green  Small $93.99 FREE
Mayla  Nymphaea x 'Mayla'  Pink  Green  Med-Large $93.99 FREE
Mme.Wilfron Gonnere  Nymphaea x 'Mme Wilfron Gonnere'  Pink  Green   Med-Large $93.99 FREE
Patio Joe  Nymphaea x 'Patio Joe'  Pink  Green  Medium $93.99 FREE
Perry's Fire Opal  Nymphaea x 'Perry's Fire Opal'  Pink  Green  Medium $93.99 FREE
Pink Beauty  Nymphaea x 'Pink Beauty'  Pink  Green  Sm-Medium $93.99 FREE
Pink Sensation  Nymphaea x 'Pink Sensation'  Pink  Green  Sm-Medium $93.99 FREE
Pink Sunrise Nymphaea x 'Pink Sunrise'  Pink  Green   Medium $93.99 FREE

Are-en-ceil "Pink" Hardy Water Lily 3pk bare root: Best known for its unusually colored leaves with splashes of pink, cream and occasionally red. Stellate flowers are pale pink fading to white.

Bernice Ikins "Pink" Hardy Water Lily 3pk bare root: Hybridized by Kirk Strawn this hardy waterlily has a striking reddish pink flower that is a real eye catcher. Complimented by reddish green leaves this medium size plant fits nicely into any size Pond.

Colorado "Pink" Hardy Water Lily 3pk bare root: Extremely free flowering. Flower is salmon colored. New leaf is mottled, fading green with maturity. Long blooming season.

Dallas "Pink" Hardy Water Lily 3pk bare root: Soft pink blossoms. Flower shape is star like. Lightly mottled foliage. Extremely fragrant.

Denver's Delight "Pink" Hardy Water Lily 3pk bare root: Pretty, soft pink flowers and bright green leaves. This lily was found in Denver, Colorado's Berkley Lake and is very adaptable, known for its ability to thrive in all conditions.

Fabiola "Pink" Hardy Water Lily 3pk bare root: This is a very free flowering hardy waterlily. Blooms are large, rich pink, fragrant and peony shaped. Foliage is deep green.

Firecrest "Pink" Hardy Water Lily 3pk bare root: A gorgeous stellate flower that is a good bloomer. Purplish pink blooms have orange stamens which are a beautiful accent to these 5-6 inch blooms. Deep burgundy/purple leaves turn green as they age, growing to about 9" diameter. The plant has a pad spread of abouth 14".

Hollandia "Pink" Hardy Water Lily 3pk bare root: Free flowering. Large double, soft pink flowers with round green leaves. Slight fragrance. Excellent cut flower.

Joanne Pring "Pink" Hardy Water Lily 3pk bare root: Free flowering. Flower shape is cup-like. Tiny deep pink flowers, wide petals, tips lighter in color. Dark green leaves, 2-3" in diameter. Slight fragrance.

Laydekeri Lilacea "Pink" Hardy Water Lily 3pk bare root: Free flowering. Small lilac-pink cup shaped blossoms. Small olive green pads with mild purple mottling. Ideal for small garden Ponds.

Mayla "Pink" Hardy Water Lily 3pk bare root: Very large, double fuschia flowers. A great bloomer. Foliage is green, some leaves are plum color. Good for medium to large Ponds.

Mme Wilfron Gonnere "Pink" Hardy Water Lily 3pk bare root: Very free flowering. Delightful. Flower shape is peony style. Large double flower. Deep pink center. Green round pads. Tolerates partial shade. Good for any size Pond.

Patio Joe "Pink" Hardy Water Lily 3pk bare root: Its rich salmon pink flowers are held above nicely mottled leaves. Very free bloomer and a vigorous grower.

Perry's Fire Opal "Pink" Hardy Water Lily 3pk bare root: Rich, pink double flowers. Green foliage. Flower shape is peony style. Delightful fragrance. Great for small Pond.

Pink Beauty "Pink" Hardy Water Lily 3pk bare root: Cup shaped flowers of medium pink and round green leaves. A good choice for any size Pond.

Pink Sensation "Pink" Hardy Water Lily 3 pk bare root: A good bloomer. Rich pink flowers that stay open late in the day. Rich green leaves.

Pink Sunrise "Pink" Hardy Water Lily 3pk bare root: Large, deep pink star shaped blooms held high above the water. Leaves are green with brown flecks. 

Growing hardy Water Lilies is easy! Maintenance is even easier. The best "soil" to use for hardy Water Lilies is Aquatic Planting Media. This media does not compact, which allows for hardy Water Lily roots to become established. Top soil, potting soil, and other "gardening" soil mediums foul pond water and can be toxic to pond fish. Water Lilies are heavy feeders and should be fertilized regularly for best growth and blooms. Liquid and tablet form of Aquatic Plant fertilizer often work best. It is recommended to put some decorative gravel on top of the aquatic planting medium to weigh the plant down and to keep the Pond Fish from rooting in the container.

Maintaining hardy Water Lilies is easy, too! Trim off spent blooms and pads to promote rapid regeneration and that's it! After a season or two the hardy water lilies can be separated and divided so the plant does not direct all of its energy to it's roots but rather to its pretty pads and blooms.


**To accomodate the cost of the necessary expedited shipping all hardy water lilies ordered through PondMarket.com are sold in lots of three. All prices listed above are for 3 water lilies. Sorry - no mixing and matching. All pond plants are guaranteed to arrive alive. Once the hardy lilies arrive, it's the responsibility of the customer to unpack and immediately plant and submerse the aquatic plants ordered.

All aquatic pond plants ordered from PondMarket.com ship 7 - 10 days after the order is placed. If other products are odered with the pond plants, the other products will be shipped in accordance with our current shipping policy which is within 48 hours. All aquatic pond plants are shipped with 1-3 day delivery service depending on current outside temperatures at no additional charge to ensure that the aquatic plants arrive alive.

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