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PondCare Ammo-Rocks

PondCare Ammo-Rocks

Product #: 149B
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PondCare Ammo Rocks are the perfect Biological Filter Material/Substrate made from 100% Zeolite!

  • Natural ion-exchange resins trap the toxic ammonia found in Ponds on the surface of the Ammo-Rocks.
  • The growth of Nitrifying Bacteria is accelerated by the high surface area
  • The beneficial Nitrifying Bacteria can grow faster and produce larger and more active colonies in the Pond Filter.
  • 10 lb bag.

Manufacturer's Notes:

Purpose And Benefits:


PondCare Ammo-Rocks are an all-natural ammonia-removing mineral for use in ornamental fish ponds and water gardens. Ammo-Rocks remove poisonous ammonia produced from fish waste, uneaten fish food, and decomposing algae.
Ammo-Rocks are made from zeolite, a natural ion-exchange resin. Ammo-Rocks exchange harmless sodium ions for toxic ammonia in the water. As the ammonia is attracted to the Ammo-Rocks surface, beneficial nitrifying bacteria grow on the rocks, forming the biological filter. This makes Ammo-Rocks the perfect biological filter media.

Directions For Use:


Ammo-Rocks can be used as a biological filter media with any type of pond filter. Use at least one 10 lb bag for every 300 U.S. gallons (1,135 L) of pond water for best results. Ammo-Rocks is a biological filter media and will not filter out fine particles and is not intended to replace particulate filtration materials, such as foam and brushes. Place Ammo-Rocks in your filter in the same location as your current biological filtration media. Leave as much of your current media as space allows. For best results Ammo-Rocks should be replaced annually at the start of the pond season.


Ammo-Rocks can be used with all pond fish including goldfish and koi. Ammo-Rocks will not change pH.


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