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Titan Garden Pond Pumps by Cyprio

Product #: 1451
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This item is no longer available. Please click here for info on Laguna Max Flo Waterfall Pumps as an alternative.

Solids handling!   Magnetic Drive!    Energy efficient!

This Fish Pond Pump was developed by Cyprio with Koi Ponds in mind! Clog resistant and powerful, it puts solids where they belong: In the Pond Filter! The anti-clog cage provides a very large water intake area that does not block easily.

  • The Pump will process solids up to 3/8".
  • Side outlet with multi-size hosetail ..... 3/4" hose up to 1.5" hose!

Titan Fish Pond Pumps are designed to force polluting solids out of the Fish Pond and into your Pond Filter! 
They are designed to work in the most demanding environments - continuous operation in water laden with solid particles.
The larger Titan Pond Pumps use asynchronous motors (stainless steel rotor sleeving) to increase magnetic coupling for maximum performance.

Key Features:

  • Designed for continuous running with minimal cleaning.
  • Primarily designed for Fish Pond Filtration, Waterfalls, and Garden Streams.
  • Large intake slots minimize clogging.
  • Uni-directional rotation and open impeller design to provide solids handling capability.
  • 3 Year Warranty!
  •  Titans have a WPS (Wildlife Protection System) to protect baby fish and other types of small wildlife. 
  • Simply slide the lever down to close the intake slots of the pump to as little as 1/16". 
  • The ball joint positioned in the pump outlet allows for easy positioning of the Pond Pump in relation to hose, pipe or Pond Filter. 
  •  Titan Pumps have tool-free installation and maintenance with heavy duty latches to ensure longevity.
  • Magnetic drive for maximum energy efficiency.

    Part Number

    Max Flow Max Head Dimensions
    (D x H)
    Cord Length Watts Price
    550 (1451) 550 GPH 5' 3" 12" x 7.5" 15' 33 $139.99

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1 Stars Life time
by George Kelchner on Apr 10, 2008
  This pump only lasted two years for me. It is my first pond. I'll look for something else to replace it.
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