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Algae and Oxygen in Ponds


Algae is a Plant and when the Algaecide kills and makes it sink to the bottom of the Pond, the Algae will take some oxygen with it and will cause a temporary oxygen drop in the Pond. For this reason two or more products that have an effect on oxygen content should never be used at the same time, or one right after the other, without allowing about 72 hours in between usage.

It is important to know the volume of your Pond (download our free Pond Formulas Brochure HERE), because each manufacturer has calculated the dosage according to Pond Volume making sure that it is safe when used as directed.

It is also best to make sure the Pond Pump(s) are running when an algaecide or any other product that needs oxygen to work (Beneficial Bacteria for example) is used.

Read more about Algae in our free Brochure "The Big Green Monster" Download it HERE