Backyard Windmill Powder Coated - 11' 6", Large

Available in 4 Finishes or galvanized
Built for ease of assembly and to last for decades

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Bronze Power Coated Bronze Power Coated BYW0004
Red, While & Blue Powder Coated Red, While & Blue Powder Coated BYW0052
Galvanized Galvanized BYW0003
Red & White Powder Coated Red & White Powder Coated BYW0005
Green & Yellow Powder Coated Green & Yellow Powder Coated BYW0129


Enjoy the authentic ornamental windmill design as it turns in the wind and is a pleasing addition to any outdoor setting whether it be a home, hunting property, lake property, or farm. The Outdoor Water Solutions Backyard Windmills are available in several finishes including galvanized, red & white, green & yellow, and more! Even better, they are designed with the same high quality standards as their full scale pond & lake aerating windmills to withstand the elements and remain aesthetically pleasing for many years.

These windmills can be converted to aerating windmills to aerate your pond!

Each of these Outdoor Water Solutions Backyard Windmills have:

  • Authentic 4 Leg Design
  • Optional Aeration Kit Available for the Steel WIndmills
  • Several Different Height Options
  • Top Quality UV Portective Powder Coating
  • Easy Assembly
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 1 Piece 27" rotor head for ease of assembly
  • Safe anchoring system that is fast and simple using provided ground stakes
  • Structurally strong tower for strong winds
  • Windmill is sold for ornamental purposes
  • Can be converted with an optional aeration kit
The Backyard windmill weighs only 65 lbs. for the Large version and is shipped all in one box throughout North America
The Backyard Windmill is available in a number of powder coated finishes - traditional galvanized steel or Bronze, Red & White, Green & Yellow or Red, White & Blue powder coat colors.

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