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Dee – St. Louis, MO

“No one else around has fish like pondmarket. Their selection is unbeatable, all the fish are always healthy, and the owner takes care of the fish himself. I have been to every other store in town and I drive 30 miles to pondmarket. ”

KH – Webster, MO

“We are SO glad we hired you to rebuild our pond and waterfall. It’s a whole new look and we love the sound of the waterfall. The filter system rarely has to be touched and WE LOVE IT!!”

Debbie S

“I recently contacted PondMarket about a replacement part for my bio pressure filter that I bought there. I just wanted to thank you so much for your help with this. Another reason why I recommend you to friends with ponds :)”

John K – Ballwin, MO.

“We LOVE our pond and waterfall and so does everyone we show it to. Everyone just absolutely thinks it is beautiful. The boulder fountain at the start of the waterfall is fantastic. Everything turned out great. Your guys were very polite, my wife is very happy and impressed, and it was a nice touch to seed and straw the backyard when you were done. I did not know you were going to do that. Anytime you need a reference, you can use me, no problem. I cannot wait to come up to your store this coming spring for fish and plants. The overall process was painless. Thanks for working while I was out of town and having the project completed when I got back. I cannot thank you enough.”

Brittany C

“I just wanted to say thanks again for you and your team’s hard work [on] our ‘backyard oasis’”

Craig P

“Fast service and lots of options”

Sue L

“Fantastic Job! Can’t believe what I was missing. Looks great and I can see every rock and fish! I was a little worried about losing some fish but they are all there and happy! Thanks SO much!”

Rodger J

“Pond market really did a great job and anytime I had an issue these guys were on top of it, I have had my pond for some time now and I really enjoy sitting on my porch and listening to the water off the falls and watch the fish swim, very piece full, I am planning another pond with them only much larger, thanks pond market!!!”


“PondMarket has been helpful in selecting the correct equipment to keep my pond crystal clear. I appreciate their time and informative attitude.”

Jacquel G

“We Always enjoy shopping at Pond Market. Owner/Manager always gives great advice and has pleasant personality. We drive approximately 50 miles to shop there.”


“I shop exclusively at Pond Marketplace. It’s a family owned and operated business. They are courteous and very knowledgeable about fish, pond water maintenance, cleaning and all related products. They take the time to solve your pond problems and find a solution so you don’t have to do the research yourself or buy the wrong products that could harm your fish or waste your money.”

Jackie and Gene

“We were very impressed with the Pond Skimmer change out job done by PondMarket. Our pond had to be drained and all our fish survived. You guys over dug the hole to install a screening base and even took a transom to make sure the bottom drain inlet and overflow were installed at the same elevations with the previous skimmer and that the box was installed at the proper elevation for water depth. The way your crew re-installed the piping there is less pressure on my pump and my waterfall has more flow. Thanks..”

Steve M

“Great place. Great people. Love my pond and the info they gave me.”


“Loved your store, everyone was helpful.”

Mark C

“I’ve been to all the pond shops in the area and Pond Market is the best one by far. The staff is knowledgeable and won’t sell you something you don’t need . Many times I was going to buy something and was told I didn’t need it or told here’s a cheaper way to do it. That just don’t happen in a lot of businesses. My pond is about 4000 gallons so any money I can save on chemicals etc. Is huge. Thanks to Pond Market I have more time and money to put into more important or should I say fun stuff!!!”


“Great place-great advice”


“Love your choice and price variations of Koi.”

Renee H

“Aaron, the owner, is very knowledgeable and helpful.”

Roger G

“Friendly and knowledgeable staff led by Aaron.”


“Aaron has been very helpful with questions about our pond”

Becky I

“I had lost one fish to losing it’s scales and started happening to other fish of mine as well. I contacted Pond Market. They were very fast to respond and gave me the link to a product to help me with my problem. I ordered those products right away and am very happy that they reached out with solutions to my problem so quickly. Thanks!.”


“Always helpful and friendly, I love to shop at the Pond Market.”


“They are very helpful every time I go there. Great knowledge and prices”


“I have recommended Pond Market to several neighbors.”


“Aaron was extremely helpful and very enjoyable.”

Mike R

“Aaron is the best”