Learn how to start up and clean the garden fish pond in spring.
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In this Issue: Jun 27, 2002

|| Some Pictures of OUR Ponds

|| Pond Problem Solver Products (What we use and why)

|| A Tree Trunk in the Pond?

|| What is better: Pond in Sun or Pond in Shade?

|| Fun (Pond) Fact


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>> Some Pictures of OUR Ponds

So many of you have sent pictures of your beautiful ponds, and many, many visitors to the website are viewing and admiring them! (Don't forget you can use those pictures to send ePostcards to family and friends with YOUR pond the star of the postcard - just use the second URL underneath it (the bottom one) in the "custom picture" field in our postcard assembly page!

Now we have posted pictures of some of OUR ponds throughout our website (some are at our home, some at the retail store)

You can see some of them in these places (if you have visited recently, you may have to hit "refresh a couple of times):

The Impatient Waterfall (when you see it, you will know why we call it that :) ), Koi waiting to be fed and "Otto" our resident (and quite tame) frog can be seen here - scroll all the way down): http://www.pondmarket.com

A closer look at this waterfall (the impatients are NOT planted in dirt - their roots are just in the wet part of the waterfall): About Us

The creek in our backyard can be found here: Pond Information

Another waterfall picture: Pump Information

and the last one (have to scroll all the way to the bottom): On-line Catalog

We hope you enjoy visiting with us through those pictures!

>> Pond Problem Solvers - What We Use:

This time of year, we receive many, many e-mails and phone calls daily asking for products that will solve specific problems. We thought we would put together a small list of things we use if and when needed:

-- muddy water (from pond contruction, rain, etc...) Accu Clear - it will bind particles together so they can be picked up by the filter.

-- stringy and or foamy algae Pond Balance - it will disolve it slowly, but safely and without hurting the plants in the pond (many algaecides are just as hard on the plants as on the algae).

-- foamy water (more than just a couple of bubbles at waterfall) Microbe-Lift - foamy water is usually an indication of too much organic matter (fish poo etc..) in the pond. This is a live beneficial bacteria product that will eat those nutrients right out of the water.

>> Tree Trunk in the Pond?

I like reading Water Gardening Books from different countries. The other day I was reading a German one and it had an entry mentioning putting a tree trunk in the pond to help lower the pH (evidently some enzymes produced by the decomposing trunk help to do that).

I will investigate this further, it certainly sounds interesting. I am not willing to jeopardize my fish with this experiment until I find out more about it.

Stay tuned...I will let you know what I find out!

>> What is better: Pond in Shade or Pond in Sun?

We get asked this question very often! There is no definite answer one way or the other! Both have advantages and disadvantages:

-- Pond in Shade:

Will have less algae growth, but most plants will not bloom.

-- Pond in Sun:

May have more problems with algae, but will also produce spectacular blooms on everything from Water Lilies, to Lotus and Marginal Plants!

>> Fun (Pond) Fact

It is time for the Egg Hunt!

No - not the Easter Egg Hunt!

The Fish Egg Hunt!

They are tiny, tiny, tiny! Can barely be seen! Lift up Water Hyacinth and check the roots, or feel along the liner toward the edge of the pond (very gently).

Sometimes you will see them: thousands of them!

They will not be there for long! Goldfish and Koi eggs hatch by "degree days", meaning: the warmer it is, the faster they hatch!


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