Learn how to start up and clean the garden fish pond in spring.
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In this Issue: Nov 22, 2003

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|| Baby Fish and Winter

|| Winter Pitfalls

|| Fun (Pond) Fact


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We have added an auction page to our site! What a fun (and cheap) way to aquire Pond Supplies!

The auction page will carry items that need to leave our warehouse for some reason or other (overstock, discontinued items,usable returned items,dinged and dented, damaged packaging, etc...).

Each item will have a note that explains why it is being auctioned, so you know exactly what you are getting.

The first items have been posted. Check often, items are going to be added continously!

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We are asked many times: "Will my baby fish survive the winter?"

There is no definite answer, but steps can be taken to give the little critters are better chance:

Cover: They need a place to hide, from predators as well as bigger fish. Put some white PVC pipe on its side or new (or at least very clean and uncontaminated) clay pots on their side. Put a net over the pond.

Air: They need oxygen. Do net let the pond freeze shut for any length of time (DO NOT open the ice by banging on it, the sound waves can injure or kill fish). Use a de-icer or small pump to keep a hole in the ice.

Cold: The pond should be deep enough so that they can go into the lower levels where the water temperature is relatively stable.

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We lost a whole pond full of pretty large Koi one year because of rapid temperature changes. The water was very, very cold after a prolonged and severe winter. Then, one day, the temperature suddenly spiked at 72 degrees Fahrenheit. This causes the upper layers of water to warm rapidly and because of the different density of the warmer water and the colder water, the pond "flipped" rapidly (the warmer water went down, the cold water rose). Koi are very sensitive to sudden temperature changes and did not survive this upheaval. It was awful. I don't mind admitting that I cried for weeks every time I looked out of the window and was reminded of the catastrophy! It is best to avoid this kind of disaster by letting a small pump bubble at the side of the pond, about a foot or so down to keep the water circulating just a little bit.

Another cause of fish loss is a pond covered in ice and snow. The snow darkens the pond and plants that may be left at bottom (oxygenators and even algae) will start taking already depleted oxygen from the water. Always sweep snow of the pond to avoid this common pitfall! (NEVER step on the ice, use a long handled broom to avoid falling in).

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Goldfish have an acute sense of smell and hearing. They also have teeth, which are located far back in their throat and are used to crush food.


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