Learn how to start up and clean the garden fish pond in spring.
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Pond Supplies including pond pumps, pond filters, EPDM pond liner and water treatments .
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In this issue: Jul 28, 2006

|| Inventory Clearance - Great Bargains to be had

|| What is Beneficial Bacteria & What does it do?

|| Expanded Plant Selection

|| Fun (Pond) Fact

>>> Inventory Clearance

Pumps Pond Food Pond Kits Filtration and much more....

Check out the Bargains Page (and keep checking...more items added as we clean out the warehouse to make room for next year!). Bargains

There are Waterfall Pumps in various sizes Pond Filters (several types to choose from) Pond Fish Food in several Brand Names and much more!

>>> What is Beneficial Bacteria & What does it do?

Beneficial Bacteria helps keep the Pond clean and healthy. Many different brands are available and are formulated to either generally contribute to pond health or attack specific problems. Microbe-Lift Sludge Away, for instance, is specifically formulated to reduce sludge build-up in the bottom of the pond to reduce the necessity of pond cleaning and draining.

The "Spring and Summer Cleaner" formulation helps degrade and reduce leaf and twig debris, while the "Autumn Prep" formula contains bacteria that will work and multiply in colder temperatures.

Beneficial Bacteria are beneficial for fish, since they reduce the toxic ammonia and nitrites from the pond.

The bacteria will help keep the pond clear in the long term by taking nutrients away that algae needs to grow.

Benefical Bacteria colonies have to be large enough to be able to handle the pond volume and fish load. Many factors reduce bacteria colonies (addition of chlorinated water, sudden temperature drops, leaching lime from rocks, mortar or concrete...to name just a few. It is important, for these reasons, to regularly add bacteria to keep the colony healthy and growing.

Our own "Fizzy Kicks" are specifically formulated to reduce bottom sludge, help detoxify the water and increase water clarity. "Fizzy Kicks" come in self-disolving blocks (no measuring, spilling) that are easy to administer. JUST THROW THEM IN THE POND! Pond Water Treatments

>>> Expanded Plant Selection

We have hugely expanded our plant departments and plant selection. In addition we have added facilities to ship plants most of the year (with special packaging, etc.). Looking to spruce up your Pond? Check it out: Plant Department

>>> Fun (Pond) Fact

The larvae of Dragonflies lives in the pond and is a welcome snack for fish and frogs. The larvae, in turn, eats fish eggs as well as the larvae of other insects and tadpoles. Enjoyed this newsletter? Please pass it on to family and friends who may also enjoy it!

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