Learn how to start up and clean the garden fish pond in spring.
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"Growing long Strings of Yuck in the Pond?"

In this Issue: January 26, 2007

<> Ugly, stringy Stuff growing in the Pond NOW?

<> Special Features on our Website

<> Fun (Pond) Fact

Winter Warehouse Cleaning Still in Progress!
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>>>> Ugly, stringy Stuff growing in the Pond NOW?

That "stuff" is called by many names:
String Algae
Hair Algae
Blanket Weed...etc...

This time of year (winter) it can grow at amazing speed!

The cause is a low concentration of beneficial bacteria due to the low water temperatures and simultaneous over-abundance of nutrients (sludge in the bottom of the pond, decaying leaves and other organic matter).

This algae growth can take vital oxygen away from the fish, especially if the pond gets covered by ice and snow.

There are rememdies available that work even in colder temperatures:

"Aqua One" beneficial bacteria is not temperature sensitive and will help get rid of excess nutrients in the water

"PondMarket Restor" will clean off the stuff coating the rocks in the pond

"Pond Balance" will disolve the long strings growing so profusely!

All of these helpful products can be found here: Pond Water Treatments

>>>> Special Features on our Website

We have been putting lots of fun stuff (in addition to all the helpful information) on our website for you! Check out our "Fun Nature Sounds" Page, for example... ready for you to download and burn to cd. There is also a page with pond games. Just go to http://www.pondmarket.com and scroll down the LEFT side menu!

>>>> Fun (Pond) Fact

The growth hormone produced in a Koi's body is partially controlled by the amount of sunlight he is exposed to. The amount of growth hormone produced directly influences the size and body shape of the Koi.

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