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Your feedback, both good and bad, helps us in providing you the best of the best services and products. Your feedback helps us to improve your on-line shopping experience and helps us to determine what is working. Fortunately, your feedback has helped us immensely and has been invaluable to us. After reading the testimonials, you will be able to see how much importance we put on what you say. We do appreciate you and thank you for making PondMarket what it is today.

If you would like to send us your feedback, visit our Feedback Page.

Super Testimonials

8/03/07 - your videos are awesome, keep them coming! r3ntura
Click Here to see.

8/03/07 - Hi, I am interested in purchasing a Laguna Pressure Flo Filter from your store, which I found out through your video postings on YouTube. Absolutely fabulous job, they are very informative! Tin
Click Here to see.


6/24/07 - I live in Canada, do you ship here? I really like your prices & web site abundance of information. Keep up the great work!! Tony

6/13/07 - I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the Laguna Pressure Flo Filter 2100 w/UV that we recently purchased. WOW! does it work great! We have a pond that's 900 gallon and was a green mess. I can see my koi and the bottom of the pond just after 2 weeks! Thank you for the information on your website. It helped us make our decision to purchase the right product. Shirley G. in Washington

5/23/07 - You know how to take care of your customers and that is why we keep coming back to you and sending people we know to your business. Thank you also for being helpful in getting Dawn and Brett started with their new pond. Sue P.

5/14/07 - Rec'd My order 5-10-07, Thank You for the prompt service.. Richard P.

5/18/07 - Hi, I received 2 out of 3 of the items I ordered from you. I was pleased with the promptness of your filling my order.

However, it was noted on the statement enclosed that the Algae Off was to be shipped separately. I've heard nothing further regarding the status of this part of my order. Would you please give me the status of the non-delivered part of my order? Thank you, Larry

_______________________________________ From Bonny

"Bonny @ PondMarket" <> wrote:
Larry S., I am writing about your email. Originally, the Algae-off was out of stock at our location. I had to get it from our other warehouse. Unfortunately, that location was back ordered on that item. In the meantime, we received that merchandise at our location. I will have this sent out to you today. I apologize for the delay in getting the product to you. If you have any questions, please contact is at 1-800-577-5605 or Thank you for your patience in this manner.
Thank you,

________________________________________ From Larry

Hi Bonny,

Thanks for your email explaining what was going on with my order. I understand how things like this happen. The good news is I received the Algae-Off today as promised.

However, after reading the label and instructions I have a question/concern. I was reading the Environmental Hazards on the label and noticed that this product is TOXIC TO BIRDS. It FURTHER STATES THAT ONE SHOULD KEEP THIS PRODUCT OUT OF LAKES, PONDS AND STREAMS. (Emphasis added by me).

This is my concern. I have a koi pond/stream combination which is visited year around by a wide variety of birds. They bathe in and drink the water all the time. It also states that the product may be toxic to bees and other beneficial insects. If this product is intended for outdoor use for algae control, I really can't believe you would sell it if it is so hazardous to birds and other outdoor critters.

When I purchased this product, I was advised that this was exactly the same thing as the product D-SOLV (try PondMarket Restor). In fact, there is a sticker on the container I received that states it was formerly sold as D-SOLV (try PondMarket Restor). However, when I compare the label on my old container of D-SOLV (try PondMarket Restor) I find that nowhere on it does the label indicate any environmental hazards of any kind.

Assuming that this is, in fact, the same product as D-SOLV (try PondMarket Restor) I'm now concerned about the environmental hazards of both. Is this really the same product? I guess you and I can only take the company's word for it.

I was serious about my statement of disbelief that you would sell this product for outdoor use if it is such an environmental hazard.

Anyway, I really don't want to use any water treatment that is hazardous to birds and beneficial insects. So, how do I go about returning this product and getting a refund?

Can you recommend any other product that is as good as D-SOLV (try PondMarket Restor) for algae control but is not a danger to the environment? Maybe we can work out an exchange.

Please let me know as soon as possible what I need to do in order to return/exchange this product. You may email me or call me at my home telephone number that you have on file.

Thanks for listening. I look forward to your reply. Larry

________________________________________ From Aaron

Hello Larry. I appreciate your concern. Please allow me to clear the air a little bit here...

Here is the deal. D-SOLV and "PondMarket Restor"and Algae Off are the SAME thing. The confusion with ...


... is from Uncle Sam. In order to market a product as an "Algaecide" or "Algae" remover, etc. it has to be registered with the EPA. In order to obtain a registration from the EPA for an algaecide - the above things MUST be stated on the product label.

There are different classifications for algaecides as well. That's where the "lakes and streams" comes into play. If it is a registered algaecide but not for lakes and streams - the product label must say so.

If a bird, dog, cat, human, or any other life form would eat the contents in the container - the product could be toxic.

If a pond were treated to the recommended dosage(s) on the bottle - there will be NO environmental concerns.

D-Solv was not marketed as an "algaecide". It was marketed as a product that "removes organic debris from ponds and waterfalls". Therefore, legally, it did not have to have ANY warnings.

The manufacturer of D-SOLV (try PondMarket Restor) changed the name of D-SOLV (try PondMarket Restor) , changed the logo, and even changed the container size. The formula for the product is NOT any different. However, ANY product that says "Algae" in the product name, or says directly or hints of killing algae, removing "green" water, or anything of the sort - it has to be registered with the EPA and the EPA mandates what warnings must go onto a product regardless of the product.

Aaron Burchett

Vice President, Operations

________________________________________ From Larry

Hi Aaron, Thanks for your response. I really feel better knowing that this product is as safe as it ever was. Your explanation as to why this happened is very enlightening and not surprising when I realized the EPA was involved the the "language" on the label. They have their rules and hopefully most of the time the rules lead to the desired results.

I appreciate you taking the time to personally reply to my email regarding this matter. Thank you for caring. A refreshing trait these days. Talk with you later. Larry

5/11/07 - Just wanted you to know a little story-- I also ordered from another web site (, -- their items came very good sized and healthy , except for 2 items, one was soggy and rotted, the other dry and wilted.

I let them know as soon as I received my order and again a few days later. They still have not responded.

I appreciated your awesome service and my replacement plants-- those "other guys" are crossed off my list.!! thanks again!!! Nancy

3/15/07 - I have had nothing but good experiences anytime I've dealt with your company. Anything I've ordered has come to me very quickly. Once, when I'd ordered some pond fish food, you were out of one of the sizes I needed, so a gentleman called and told me they'd send some "loose" food in a bag, and it was MORE than what the other container would have held. The ladies and gentlemen I've dealt with on the phone have always been extremely polite and helpful. I look forward to ordering again as I know I'll have a good experience and receive good product. Thank you so much! - Holly E., Sapulpa, OK

3/13/07 - During the coldest of the winter, my pump went out on my waterfall. I called all freaked out, afraid I would lose my fish as I have a large pond. Aaron sent me a new pump in 2 days plus let me know that the one I sent him back was under warranty and he sent it back and saved me over $500. I drive 3 hours, 3 or 4 times a year to look over products and also via internet. Better and more dependable than a husband. Thanks for everything. Julia

3/11/07 - Customer Service, Thank you for the wonderful service in sending a replacement pump. It arrived yesterday in good condition. Regards, LeAnna M. W.

3/9/07 - I would like to thank you for all your help and advice. I visited your store last week and and everyone was so nice and helpful. Last summer I visited a water garden store in Collinsville,IL. and was treated very rudely. I am so glad I found your website and store. Thank You again, Deborah R.

3/8/07 - Moved to Sun City AZ, Dug a pond, prox 1500 gal that gets full sun until about 3:00p.m. Installed a filter, pump and waterfall. Added 9 Koi about the size of my little finger that we purchased from a local pet shop and, my troubles and expenses began. Pond so green that I never saw the fish and spent bocou bucks trying to fix. Then Aaron and Brian to the rescue and within 24 hours, my pond was crystal clear and I saw my fish, which had grown to 8" to 12" -- One fish I had never seen before. He is really a pretty fantail Koi with black and white stripped tail and fins. So thank you Aaron, Brian and the entire Pond Market staff. Especially for being there over the weekend! Dianne R-K

2/22/07 - Thank you guys for all your help! When we built our pond we had no idea of some of the upkeep it involved. We live in the country, and are on well water so we had a monstrous algae problem, among others. We were referred to pond market, and everyone there has been so helpful, going the extra mile to help us work out somewhat unique problems. we certainly recommend you folks to any and everyone that we have the opportunity. Thanks again for everything. LeRoy T.

2/20/07 - Thank you for the wonderful personal note. I have been is corporate customer service for 20 yrs and I have I only seen that (kind of follow up) a couple of times. IT IS GREAT! Rhett P.

Brigitte, spoke with Aaron about a half hour or more ago. i do appreciate the fast respondence and concern. really means alot when it seems your helpless so far from home. sgt js. 101st abn div stationed in iraq.

First off, I want to thank you for the advise on the selection of a 'great' pond filter system. Within a couple of days of installing the Pondmaster Biomatrix 4000, our pond cleared up beautifully. Buggy

Just wanted to drop you a little note to let you know that how pleased I am with the service I have received from your company. I have never written a note like this, but I am compelled to do so now. I am a novice, of sorts, in the backyard pond thing and the information and help that I received from your customer service staff and technicians, has been nothing short of outstanding.

I placed an order late last week over the phone and received my shipment yesterday. There was an item missing in shipment and some of the flexible hose was the wrong size. I should note that the hose was exactly what I had ordered but would not fit on the fountain head set also in the order. I called to let you know of my dilemma and look for a solution. Once again I spoke with a representative of your company and could not have been more pleased. He offered to send me out the missing item and an adapter to fit the mismatched hose and fitting the following day with no expense to me.

In a day and age where customer service has fallen by the wayside, it is so refreshing to find a company who actually still makes the effort to place it as an obvious priority. Pat your staff on the back. You obviously have selected a winning team there and have a customer for life here. I wish you all the best in your business and look forward to doing business again. Thank you so much, Dean B.

I recently visited your site, because I am considering some sort of pond in my yard adjacent to our swimming pool! I will defiantly be visiting "the Pond Market" in south county to see in person, that looks so appealing on the website. Thanks for being so thorough in showing and describing your products, I'm sure it will save me many wasted trips, only to not find what I want!!! Phil

Recently bought from you the Cyprio Green Machine and Tetra 36 watt clarifier. For the first time in 2 years I can see 2-mm items on the bottom of the pond (not to mention the 5-lb fish....) I am delighted. After listening to the local "experts" on their rock filters and chemicals and what-not, I can finally see my fish and I'm happy. The wife was gonna turn the whole thing into a 2000 gallon geranium pot.... I especially appreciate the help with obtaining the thin-wall 3" pipe that I just couldn't find. Here is my second order. You have my business for life. Michael B. Chief Pharmacist

Thank you for your help in getting the right set up for me. I am looking forward to getting it set up. It is what I hoped I could get. I have tried many places but you were the one with all the answers and quick replys. Will tell you how it turns out. Thank you Again, Charles P., Hawaii

Please forgive me for sending you mail when I'm not going to buy anything, but I just wanted to tell you that you are making me wish that I had a pond! I can't think of anything that you don't have for someone who might need something for their pond. You and Kieto did a fantastic job on your site! It's so easy to navigate. I will be sure to bookmark you so that I can pass your name on. I just sent a link to a friend who does have a pond. I hope it drums up some business for you. Skipper

Just wanted to let you know that the new pump arrived and is working fine. Thanks for your prompt attention to my problems when the first one didn't work. I appreciate you quick reaction to the situation. And of course, the fish are delighted to have the water flowing through the filter once again. Cheers, Clayton N.

I really enjoyed your Web Page. Its very informative and easy to use. I am a "Pond Person" myself so I of course loved the Frogs etc. I'm going to forward it to my Son who also does Ponds and Landscaping. I know he will enjoy your Site. I am going to try and make a trip to South County and see your Shop. Good Luck with it, Joanna M.

I love the new nature sounds, it was great going through all the sounds. I will be using this web all the time now. Keep up the good work!!!! Mary C.

Thank you for helping novices learn to love this gardening/educational experience! Willie A

Hi Jackie, Thanks so much for the reply. I look forward to getting the egglite for our new pond. As a manager of a 40 person plus 11 doctor clinic I am well aware of customer service issues and I thank you again for the prompt response. Marilyn E.

Much improved website ~ thank you. After talking to one of your representatives on the phone this spring, I purchased a UV light to kill alge ~ best investment yet! It did the trick! Thank you Deborah G.

thank you so much for filling my order so nice i will always buy from you thank you again mr. ernest w. m.

Dear Erin, Here are some pictures of our pond in Pennsylvania. We are working on it as I send this to you, always changing or adding things. Thanks for the advice and friendliness when we were there. Hope to maybe see you guys again. David, Jane and Granite from Pa.

I just want to thank you for all your help you gave me on purchasing the kit and plants and just answering my questions. I think is turned out great! I enjoy sitting on my deck and listening to the waterfall. Thank you again so much for all the help. I'm sure you will be seeing me at your retail store. The fish are going great and the water is crystal clear. See you later. Dianne

Product arrived before notification of shipment. Thanks for the fast service. Pump installed. Fish happy. GL West

I just wanted to say WWWOOOOWWWW!!!!!!! What a Water Gardening Website!!!!! This is the most informative website I have found on Garden ponds. Everything is top notch! Sandy M.

I recently asked what to do about my pond algae problem since I have sun pretty much all day. You told me what pond supplies to add along with more pond plants for coverage and it worked beautifully! In about 2 days time I can now view my pond fish easily. Thank you very much! I will be back at your pond store in St. Louis, as I want to put in another garden pond along w/a stream and I got the gist: that you know what you are talking about. keep up the good work! Dena

Thank you sooooo much for a quick response!..... I just love your pond newsletter! The fun pond facts are the best! Thanks again! Penny M.

I had to write and tell you how much you have helped me to understand how to care for my garden pond ....I have spent a lot of time searching other pond web sites and yours is the best there is.....keep it up. I am looking forward to a trip to St. Louis in the spring and will definitely be at your pond store. If you ever need someone to sing the songs of praise for goldfish ponds, feel free to get in touch with me. It's where I take my morning coffee and the last place I look at night. Carolyn

I receive many "newsletters" each month but I will say I do look forward to yours! I like the way you have many different subjects (regarding garden ponds) ------ all very interesting! Keep up the wonderful letter! Jerry

blue dotJust a note of thanks!! Last April I came into your store, because I wanted to build a pond in my backyard. I knew nothing about it. I purchased a waterfall pump and you gave me so much useful information on Garden Pond building, well, I can't thank you enough. It turned out beautifully. Jan


"Your site is 10 times as much help as our local garden pond supply store and their "experts." Gary (CO)

Just wanted to let you know that my pond is doing fantastic. My pH is now 7.0 and the Microbe-Lift is clearing it up unbelievably. Also, several of my pond plants have new buds on them. It's almost as clear as when I filled it for the first time. You deserve all the credit for this and I just wanted to thank you once again! Dottie

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