How To Start A Garden

Why Grow a Garden?

‘Why’ is one of the most important questions for most everything we do in life and equally important in your decision to create a garden. Answering what your garden ‘Why’ is will be quintessential in making everything else easy.

Once you know why you want a garden, figuring out the who, what, when, where and how will follow naturally. Our job at Pond Market is to help make everything easier, including figuring out your reason ‘why’.

So what are the personal whys and benefits of growing a garden?

Maybe for you it is:

  • To get more physical exercise. Digging, planting, maintaining, and harvesting will certainly burn some calories.
  • To relieve stress. Something wonderful happens when you stop to smell the flowers, but every step from creation to maintenance is found to have profound effects on our souls.
  • To add sensory creativity into your life. Affect all of your 5 senses… and maybe your 6th sense too!
  • To fuse carbon and water together while creating oxygen… a clever way to say that plants produce better oxygen to breathe.
  • To increase the value of your house. So many people fix up their yards before they sell to add curb appeal… but why wait? You can enjoy that beautiful garden while you live every day of your life.
  • To create a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment, aka create an ecosystem!
  • To grow your own healthy food. You get to eat amazing organic foods, create an ecosystem for the bees, butterflies, birds, and critters, and your friends will love you when you bring fresh salsa to their next barbecue!
happy gardener

The benefits are endless and once you start digging, you will likely come up with a much longer list than the one above. Now that we know why one might want to grow a garden, lets figure out what type of garden to grow. Now we get to have some fun and do some dreaming. This is where you might get lost, so just to get you started, here are 3 really great Garden Types to consider

Types Of Gardens

Types of gardens can be super simple to extremely complex. One raised garden box for flowers or fresh veggies is still a garden in our book so let’s list a few types and then get into a few details for three popular types. We will go into a much more detailed look at each type on different pages on this site. There are many garden types including Veggie, Herb, Tropical, Cactus, Secret Gardens, Tranquil Gardens, Entertainment, Rose and Flower Gardens, Raised, Tea, and what I like to call Imagination Gardens (this would be any zany idea you can come up with). If you would like to create an area just for your kitty, we say have at it and we’ll supply you with the catnip seeds to plant in it! We will also suggest some of the plants you might want to consider putting into whatever you decide to plant. So let's keep going and get into just a few details on three of the most popular types.
organic garden

Grow an organic garden

Flowers are beautiful and often fragrant and while you can cut them and enjoy them inside and out, you usually cannot eat them. Organic Gardens attract butterflies, honey bees, and other beneficial insects! Organic vegetables, herbs and fruits are the sustenance for our bodies and for this amazing ecosystem. Chances are, the food you grow will be far more nutritious than the unknowns you are getting at the store.  Knowing this ‘why’ makes plant selection much easier and depending on how many people you are wanting to feed will determine how big your garden needs to be.

meditation garden

Grow a tranquility garden

If you decide that this is your garden type, chances are you will be focused on water features, sitting areas, shapes of plants, colors, garden buddha, fragrances, sounds, and elements of peace. Perhaps there is a comfortable place to read a book or enjoy a cup of tea, or another area for meditation and reflection. When you’re digging in your garden and your hands feel the earth, the stress of life hits the back seat on this joy ride! Knowing this ‘why’ determines that this is your garden design much more easily.

entertaining in the garden

Grow a garden for entertainment

Part of this type is a little more about who you are. A social garden says that you enjoy the company and your garden may have more lawn area, a fire pit, a gazebo, a barbecue, and lights. Even if you only have potted plants, this is still a garden. Maybe you are planting hops climbing up your fence or you have a few raised garden boxes filled with lettuce and tomatoes for your burgers! Perhaps you have some shade trees and a picnic bench. Your reason ‘why’ is because you are social and want to throw parties in this type of garden!

Landscape Design

Now here is a wonderful thought.  You can change your why and type of garden anytime you want. One year you may decide to have a tropical garden and then the next you want to create a cactus garden. In life, your inspirations can change, so think of your garden like art. You can clean the pallet, select new colors, get a new canvas, and repaint your scenery.

So now that we have covered “what is your ‘why’?” and touched on a few garden types, it is time to get inspired and consider your Garden Design.

designing a garden

Designing Your Garden

Everyone comes up with their own unique way to design their garden. Some hire a professional, some create vision boards from photos of other’s gardens, and others get their plan together just walking around their home exterior and coming up with a dreamscape. The key word here is to plan ahead. Designing starts before you dig and while you might get lucky by just jumping into the deep end, we want you to have total success so the design section of our site is where you will learn about your climate and seasons, your irrigation, your soil, your plant choices, your plant layout, your size garden, and so many other great suggestions to consider. We have basic plans that you can download and follow, or you can create your own, or even wing it, but basically, there is pre-planting, planting, and maintaining or harvesting. It is pretty easy and we are always here to get you back on track or pick from any of our amazing tutorials or troubleshooting answers. We want to keep your experience in your garden enjoyable and convenient. This conveniently leads us to your next consideration for your garden and that is the equipment you will need to create and maintain your design!

Garden Tools and Equipment

So you know you are going to start digging and constructing, but what shovel should you use and which clippers are the best and do you need a leaf blower or a lawnmower? Today, there are so many tools it can be hard to decide. It’s not like the olden days when all you needed were a few sheep to mow the lawn. Today, we are blessed and cursed with choices for not only tools but sheds to keep our tools in. Pond and Garden Market has a section dedicated to just to these types of products and we hope you will enjoy some of our secret hacks in this section. The less time you have to fix problems, the more time you can spend simply enjoying your green things grow.  
garden shed full of tools
Garden furniture

Garden Furniture, Garden Fixtures, Garden Decor

We have all heard of Indoor/Outdoor living and in this section, we intend to dazzle you with creative ways to bring outdoor living alive with comfort and style. From sweet and simple do it yourself benches, to lavish outdoor living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms under the stars. How to videos and recommended Netflix shows, to entire raised garden kits you can buy and have delivered to your front door. Perhaps you want a camping zone in your yard where you can pitch your old tent and lay out a blanket and beach chair, or maybe you want to walk along a homespun sparkling path with wind chimes and playful colorful geckos climbing up your apple tree. This is where your imagination can go wild and we can’t wait to offer products that are unique and whimsical and allow you to personalize your garden in every way imaginable. Add Ambiance With Waterproof LED Outdoor String Lights

Add Ambiance With Waterproof LED Outdoor String Lights

It is hard to believe that all of this starts from WHY and then leads us to WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, HOW, WHO! Please enjoy the free information from our cyber garden here at, and then get on out there into yours because you know what they say: Life’s a Garden; Dig it!