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Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II filters are designed specifically for handling heavy fish loads with very little maintenance. Although they look like a pool filter, they are much different.

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Aqua Ultima II 1000 2" Ports Aqua Ultima II 1000 2 A50079
Aqua Ultima II 2000 2" Ports Aqua Ultima II 2000 2 A50017
Aqua Ultima II 4000 2" Ports Aqua Ultima II 4000 2 A50004
Aqua Ultima II 6000 2" Ports Aqua Ultima II 6000 2 A50007
Aqua Ultima II 10,000 2" Ports Aqua Ultima II 10,000 2 A50011
Aqua Ultima II 20,000 2" Ports Aqua Ultima II 20,000 2 A50119
Aqua Ultima II 30,000 3" Ports Aqua Ultima II 30,000 3 A50301
Aqua Ultima II 60,000 3" Ports Aqua Ultima II 60,000 3 A50600


Aqua Ultima Filters were designed with the garden pond enthusiast in mind! The unique patented biomedia was developed from poor performance of bead filters. The media in bead filters typically "clumps" together and has to have air blown into it to un-clump the media. Bead filters also lose performance once they become dirty.

The Aqua Ultima II does not experience any of the problems typical to bead filters. Tubular media filters the garden pond and will last many years. There are actually six different sizes of media within every Aqua Ultima II filter. The unique design of the media prevents the media from clumping and/or channeling. The water has to go through all the media, thus a clean healthy garden pond. Look below the specifications table for more info on the biomedia used in Aqua Ultima II filters.


Features and Benefits:


  • Clears garden ponds in 24-72 hours when used with an Aqua Sterilizer!
  • No channeling.
  • Minutes to backwash.
  • Heavy fish loads.
  • Seeded with bacteria.
  • Compact filter that can be buried.
  • Unique tubular design protects bacteria while dislodging unwanted debris.
  • Rated to 50 PSI!
  • Filtration from 1000-200,000 Gallons!
  • Patented Bio-Media.


    Aqua Ultima "Tubular" media:

    Ultima II systems are packed with ultra-high filtration bio-media that provides both mechanical and biological filtration, ideal for aquariums and fish ponds. The advantage of the Ultima II filter is its non-organic filter media with properties that encourage bacteria growth. The disadvantage of conventional bead filters is they have only a single-surface area which encourages a second layer of bacteria to grow over the initial layer. The enclapsulated bacteria underneath can become anaerobic. This continuous cycle can pose problems. Research led to three different types of media designed to grow and hold ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and heterothropic bacteria. Just one cubic foot of these three media has over two million tiny shapes. One cubic foot of Ultima II Media is equal to 750 square feet of surface area. The Ultima II system is designed to offer you exceptionally clear water, great for garden ponds and aquariums! Cleaning is done by internal jet back-washing.


    Selection Chart

    Part# Max
    Dimensions LxWxH
    A50073 1000

    1.5" Threaded

    24" X 13" X 15"
    A50019 2000

    1.5" Threaded

    16" X 16" X 34"
    A50003 4000

    1.5" Threaded

    21" X 21" X 39"








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