Muddy water


We have a spring-fed, clay-bottomed pond with two koi, three Orff and a bunch of minnows, that is about 18 feet deep and 300 feet wide. The water is always brown. Someone mentioned that it’s because of the fish. There is no algae, and whenever the dog goes in and stirs up the clay the water should only get brown in that area, but the whole pond is always pretty muddy, and has been for the five years we’ve had it. There is a small waterfall that also feeds it from above, but that doesn’t always flow, especially in the dead of summer. Hope you can give us some pointers, ’cause we give up. The fish seem fine, and are eating well. Thanks! Phyllis


Hello Phyllis! To say this is a belated answer…sorry for the delay. We changed our question forums to a “data base style” and needless to say, I know ponds – not computers! I am really sorry. I happened to look through some old questions and found this =”color: rgb(0, 0, 153);”>I hope that we can still answer this for you and you have not given up.

I highly doubt that a few fish are contributing to the “muddy” look your pond has. There is no doubt this is from excessive sediment buildup in the bottom. There are a few products designed to help reduce the amount of build up in the bottom of earth bottom ponds, as well as settle the clay, mud, and sediment suspended in the water. You can take a look at our Probiotic Pond Cleaner =”color: rgb(0, 0, 153);”>Again, sorry for the severly belated reply, and please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Aaron B