|Kaitlin Krull|

One of the most exciting parts about home ownership is the ability to make changes to your home to suit your tastes and design style. While most homeowners focus on interior remodeling projects such as kitchen makeovers, living room renovations, and updated bathrooms, at Home Improvement Leads we believe the area outside of your home is just as important. If you’re looking for ways to renovate your yards—both front and back—then you’ve come to the right place. Here is our list of both essential and creative renovation projects that will give the exterior of your home the TLC it deserves.



Upgrade your front porch

Because front porches are so frequently used, they often see more wear and tear than other areas of your home’s exterior. Increase your curb appeal with a simple and straightforward renovation project for your porch that includes restaining or painting your woodwork, updating your porch furniture and decorative accessories, and giving your front door a new lease on life with a fresh coat of paint, new number sign, and a seasonal wreath.



Give your deck a facelift

Like the front porch, any decking in your home probably looks a bit worse for wear after a summer of get-togethers, lazy afternoons spent outside, and frequent changes in weather. Clean, stain, and protect your decking with oils, weatherproof stains, and treatments to keep it looking its best for another year. If you haven’t yet invested in backyard decking, there is no time like the present to get started on a large scale renovation project like this one.



Overhaul your landscaping

Whether you love to tend an intricate and varied garden full of flowers, fruits, and vegetables or enjoy a more minimalist yard, an overhaul to your front and backyard landscaping will make all the difference to your home’s exterior. While the landscaping decisions you make are up to you and your personal design aesthetic, we recommend choosing a layout and combination of greenery that you—or your gardeners, if you have them—can easily maintain.



Install a backyard pond

For homeowners who love their backyard as it is but want to take their outdoor space up a notch, a self-installed pond is the perfect way to add a personal and whimsical flair to the home. PondMarket has all the tools you need to help you create your own backyard water feature and can even complete the project for you if you live locally to the St. Louis area. They can also answer any questions you might have if you choose to make it a DIY process.



Go solar with exterior lighting

Embracing renewable energy is an exciting prospect for anyone who is interested in saving both the environment and money on their energy bills. While traditional solar panels may be out of the question for homeowners with tighter budgets, it is still possible to embrace the solar trend with exterior lighting. Most home improvement stores offer a wide and affordable range of pathway lights, pendants, decorative strings, and other solar powered lighting options to suit every taste and budget.



Create an outdoor entertainment space

Although the warmer days of summer have ended, there are still—hopefully—a handful of weekends left before snow covers the yard and outdoor entertaining is put on hold until next spring. If you want to brave the cooler weather and upgrade your backyard entertaining area, why not install a pergola or paved outdoor dining area for parties and other get-togethers. Other entertainment options include a grilling station, DIY firepit and seating area, and an outdoor cinema. Even though we think there’s still time to enjoy your backyard this fall, we won’t blame you if you keep this one in your back pocket until next year.