Easy Pro Aeration Kits (Pond Air Pumps)

High quality, ENERGY EFFICIENT Pond Aeration Kits


All Easy Pro Pond Aeration Kits come complete with the Air Pump, 30′ roll(s) of Tubing, and Aeration Stone(s). They’ll operate in Koi and Fish Ponds as well as  Water Gardens up to 5′ deep.

Aeration Systems are perfect for use during winter as well as summer months.

During winter months Aeration Kits:

  • Maintain a hole in the ice AND pump fresh air into the pond (ensuring proper oxygen levels for much less operating costs than a Pond De-icer or Pond Heater)
  • They destratify Pond Water saving Pond Fish lives by preventing Pond Water that “turns over” during winter months and kill Koi and Goldfish
  • Increase oxygen levels which reduced by decomposing organic matter that builds up during winter months and causes Fish loss and algae blooms

In summer months Aeration Kits:

  • Help reduce algae growth
  • Increase water clarity
  • Enhance beneficial bacteria growth
  • and provide much needed extra oxygen during hot weather to Pond Fish, especially important for larger Koi and heavily stocked Ponds.
Part # Description Max Pond
Warranty Comes With Cord  Max Pond
Voltage Watts
EPA1 Aeration Kit,
Single Stone Outlet
800 Gallons 1 Year 30′ Tubing, 1 Air Stone 6′ 4 Feet 110/115 2
EPA2 Aeration Kit,
Two Stone Outlets
1200 Gallons 1 Year 30′ Tubing, 1 Air Stone x 2 6′ 5Feet 110/115 3
EPA3 Aeration Kit,
Four Single Stone Outlets
1500 Gallons 1 Year 30′ Tubing, 1 Air Stone x 4 6′ 5 Feet 110/115 5

*Fish load, filtration capacity, sun exposure, etc. can affect max pond size

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