Laguna 3 Pack LED Pond Light Kit

Tired of leaky halogen pond lights? Tired of light kits with less than 5′ of wire between each light? Tired of faulty timers or maunally turning your pong lights on and off?


Everyone who has had pond lighting in the past knows that halogen pond lights can be leaky, blow bulbs frequently, and most pond light kits have to be used with a timer or plugged in and unplugged manually. Furthermore, most “pond light kits” that have multiple lights included have 5′ or less of wire/cable between each light meaning that all the lights within the kit have to be located within 5 feet of each other.

Laguna POWERGLO Submersible LED Pond Light Kits address many of the issues associated with pond lights and pond light kits:

  1. Laguna POWERGLO Submersible LED Pond Light Kits come with a “Dusk to Dawn” Photocell that automatically turns the pond light kit on at night and off the next morning. If less running time is desired, this kit can be used with a timer.
  2. Laguna POWERGLO Submersible LED Pond Light Kits 15′ of cord dedicated to each light allowing for great distances between 2 lights.
  3. Laguna POWERGLO Submersible LED Pond Light Kits can be used IN or OUT of the water.
  4. Laguna POWERGLO Submersible LED Pond Light Kits have water tight connectors to keep out rainwater that causes shorts and blow bulbs (LEDs).
  5. Each pond light in the kit has its own weighted base.
  6. Each kit comes with a 3 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY from Laguna
  7. All Laguna POWERGLO Submersible LED Pond Light Kits are safe, UL Listed, Low Voltage, and prewired for easy installation.
The below is the description provided by the Manufacturer, Rolf C. Hagen Company
PowerGlo Submersible LED Pond Lights are extremely compact and can be used almost anywhere, in or out of the water, to produce stunning lighting effects. The use of LED technology results in a longer lasting and a more energy efficient light. LED lights provide several benefits over regular bulbs: they’re more energy efficient, they consume less wattage, and they last longer. The lights are pre-wired to make installation easy, simply place in the desired location and connect to the electrical outlet.

PT1579 Kit Includes:
• 3 single 12 LED lights
• Automatic light sensor
• 3-way splitter
• 12 volt transformer


Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Shipping Included


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