MK15000 Skimmer Mat Kit

Upgrades the Atlantic Water Gardens Pond Skimmers to 3 Stage Mechanical Filtration
Adds a biological element to the pond skimmer

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Atlantic Water Gardens Matala Pro Series Skimmer Mat Kits are a complete kit and come complete and ready to use. Made for use with the Atlantic Water Gardens Pro Series Pond Skimmer Boxes, the Matala Skimmer Mat Kits actually convert the Pro Series Pond Skimmers into a three stage mechanical pond skimmer filter. Three stage pond skimmer boxes have many advantages over traditional skimmer boxes:

  1. Increase the amount of time that spans between skimmer cleaning
  2. Increases the life of the pond pump by increasing pump pre-filtration
  3. Increases clarity of the pond by increasing solids removal from the water column

Using the Green Matala Filter Sheets biological filtration will now exist in the pond skimmer too!

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