Atlantic Water Gardens Pump Vaults

Atlantic Water Gardens Pump Vaults are ideal for waterfall and water feature construction when the waterfall is built without a pond in Pond-Free and Pond-Less applications. They’re also ideal in rain harvesting systems and bog systems.


The heavy duty one piece design of Atlantic’s Pump Vaults can accommodate large pumps and flow rates up to 15,000 gph. Features include large openings for pump access, cut lines for pump discharge and pipe extensions, and flat panels for custom plumbing applications.

Atlantic Water Gardens Pump Vaults set in the pond free/pond less basin deep enough to where the lid can be concealed with gravel or a stone. Setting the Pump Vault in this manner allow for easy access to the pump(s) if needed.

Atlantic Pump Vaults can be used to house 1 or more pumps, depending on the pumps physical size and flow rate. In the event additional water flow is needed or the pumps used will pump more water than the published capacity of the pump vault, there are two knock outs on the bottom of the pump chamber that can be drilled out for increased water flow.

The Altantic Pump Vault can be used in basins designed for Pond Less / Pond Free Applications, Bog Garden Applications, Wetland Applications, and Rain Harvesting Applications.

Model # Size Max FLo Rate
PV1800 18″ wide x 24″ high 10,000 GPH
PV18EXT 16.5″ wide x 15″ high N/A
PV2300** 23″ wide x 30″ high 15,000 GPH

**Does not accept PV18EXT Pump Vault Extension


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