Pond Skimmerfilter Bio Brush

Aftermarket Replacement Skimmer Brushes for Atlantic, Aquascape, Pondsweep, and any other pond skimmer using bushes.


The Pond SkimmerFilter Bio Brushes will fit most hangers in any skimmerfilter using brushes. The hanger hook can be manipulated to fit most skimmers using a pair of pliers. The legnth of the brushes can to cut to fit using tin snips or diagonal pliers. These brushes can be used in filter systems if the hangers are removed.

Part #



Small 16″ x 4″ Bio Skimmer Brush


Medium 18″ x 4″ Bio Skimmer Brush


Large 24″ x 4″ Bio Skimmer Brush

*Dimensions do not account for hangers.

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