All Natural Pond Shock

When you’ve tried everything with minimal results, PondMarket Pond Shock is the answer. PondMarket Pond Shock contains several powerful strains of safe beneficial bacteria and barley to safely and quickly clear pond water. Requres excessive aeration.



PondMarket All Natural “Pond Shock©” is a safe and natural product for any type of garden pond that needs to be cleared up safely and quickly. Depending on how murky the pond is will dictate the number of packets needed to clear the pond. Typically, most ponds clear in 1-2 Days (1-2 treatments). Ponds that are excessively murky or ponds that have gravel bottoms and have not been cleaned take 3-4 treatments.

PondMarket All Natural ““Pond Shock©” is just like it sounds…A “shock” to an unbalanced eco-system to restore balance. PondMarket All Natural ““Pond Shock© should be used to supplement the current treatment program in place. When used as directed, the results are phenomenal. The application rates below are a suggestion. More or less product can be used depending on water clarity conditions. It’s important to remember that the bacteria become active when introduced into water and consume lots of oxygen. Do not over exceed the aeration capabilities of your system or fish loss can occur.

Application Rate:

1,000-2,000 Gallons 1 Packet Daily Until Clear
2,001-4,000 Gallons 2 Packets Daily Until Clear
4,000-6,000 Gallons 3 Packets Daily Until Clear
6,000-8,000 Gallons 4 Packets Daily Until Clear
8,000-10,000 Gallons 5 Packets Daily Until Clear

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1 Packet: $24.99 ea
2 Packets: $24.49 ea
3 Packets $23.99 ea
4 Packets $22.99 ea
5 Packets $20.99 ea

Ponds treated with PondMarket All Natural “Pond Shock©” MUST be oxygenated if the pond contains fish.

DO NOT use:

  • In ponds without pumps, waterfalls, and/or air pumps running at peak efficiency as fish loss can occur from lack of oxygen.
  • Within 3-5 days of applying algaecide to the pond, waterfall, and/or stream.
  • Within 7 days of applying fish medication.

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