Tetra Pond Algae Control

TetraPond Algae Control safely, effectively, and quickly controls Green Water and String Algae


TetraPond Algae Control is effective against:

  • Algae Blooms (green water)
  • String & Hair Algae (algae growing on things, blobs of algae in water, algae on rocks, etc)
  • Blanket Weed
  • Bubble Algae

Completely safe for use in ornamental fish ponds, koi ponds, water features, water gardens, etc. when used as directed.
Do not use in ponds with crustaceans; i.e. crabs, shrimp, or crayfish.
The pond should be well aerated when using any algaecide or clarifying product.
If the pond has an extreme algae bloom or green water problem results will be seen much faster if some of the string algae is removed before treating the pond with TetraPond Algae Control.


When treating Garden Ponds containing fish, be sure it is well aerated! If the pond water looks like pea soup or is really green it may be necessary to do a partial water change before treating with TetraPond Algae Control. As with any liquid algaecide for ponds, the algae cells have to be coated with the algaecide. If the water is very green, the prescribed dosage that is safe for fish and plants may not be enough to clear up the water. Doing a partial water change things out the algae cells.
The proper dosage of TetraPond Algae Control should be diluted in a bucket of water before applying it to the pond. Once the proper dosage of TetraPond Algae Control is diluted in a bucket of water, disperse it evenly around the pond.

Part #



77185 3.38 oz – Treats 1,200 gal. $6.99


8.4 oz – Treats 3,000 gal.



16.9 oz – Treats 6,000 gal.



33.8 oz – Treats 12,000 gal.



101.4 oz – Treats 36,000 gal.



EPA registered Algaecide for Ponds. Effectively removes Algae (both String Algae and Green Water Algae) from Garden and Fish Ponds. Fish and Plant safe when used as directed. EPA # 81584-1

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