Tetra Pond Pressure Filter Spare Parts Package

Missing an O-ring, Lid Latch, and/or another critical part to your TetraPond Pressure Filter?

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TetraPond Pressure Filters are like many others in the market in that certain parts are very hard to find. These hard to find parts often render the filter inoperable. TetraPond strives to exceed customer expectations and therefore has brought a kit to market that’s comprised of many common parts that many dealers do not stock and will render the filter inoperable if not used. Each TetraPond Pressure Pond Filter Spare Part Kit includes the following parts:

  1. Green Vessel Latches (Lid Latch) – 1ea
  2. Large O-ring – 1ea
  3. Back Flush O-ring – 1ea
  4. Inlet/Outlet/Back Flush Hose Adapter – 1ea
  5. Technical Lid O-ring – 1ea
  6. Valve O-ring – 1ea

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