Pond Feeding Thermometer

Not sure when it is the right time to feed the Koi?


The Tetra Pond Feeding Thermometer is a special thermometer for use in Fish Pondand Koi Ponds!

Water temperature is very important in Koi keeping, as it determines the feeding schedule and type of pond fish food thatbest suited for the fish in varying water temperatures and at different times of the year.

Overfeeding can easily occur at certain temperatures, resulting in pollution (Ammonia, Nitrites) of the pond water. Underfeeding and feeding the wrong type of Pond Fish Food to Koi can result in stunted growth, lack of vitality, and poor resistance to disease.

TheTetra floatingPond Feeding Thermometerhas an easy to read color-coded temperature scale showing the proper Pond Fish Food selection all year round.

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