PondBuilder Elite Pond Skimmer Filter Boxes


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The first line of defense against floating debris for any pond is the Pond Skimmer.

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10" Elite Skimmer Filter Box 10 PB1137
8" Elite Skimmer Filter Box 8 PB1199
15" Elite Skimmer Filter Box 15 PB1144


PondBuilder Elite Pond Skimmer Filter Boxes were developed out of imperfections of competing pond skimmer filter boxes. One of the bonuses with PondBuilder Elite Pond Skimmer Filter Boxes is that frogs CANNOT get to the pump when the lid is on the pond skimmer filter.

  • Natural Faux Lids are included to hide unit from view but allow easy accessibility
  • Octagonal Design and multiple ribs and gussets provide strength and eliminate distortion
  • Extended Snout allows more effi cient skimming while making it easy to hide the skimmer face
  • Buoyant Door floats with the water level so you’ll always be acheiving efficient skimming action
  • Marine-Grade, Stainless Hardware installed using a drill saves time during installation
  • Mesh Prefilter Net removes larger debris like leaves while the Matala Mat removes smaller particles
  • Uni-Seal Rubber Adapters provide professional inlet for pipe into skimmer
  • Overfl ow Spin-weld allows run-off of heavy rainwater
  • Autofill Spin-weld allows simple installation of automatic fill kit

These types of features are not available with most other Pond Skimmer Filters on the market today. Many have stainless hardware although typically not marine grade. Most other Pond Skimmer Filters have no seal for the pond hose(s) to exit the pump. In most cases, this allows for dirt and debris to enter the skimmer box and foul the pond pump. Spinweld fittings, fittings that are molded into the unit, eliminate bulkhead fittings and do NOT leak.

Pond Skimmer


Weir (Water Inlet)

Max Pump Volume

8" Elite

26.75" x 15.25" x 19.75"


5000 GPH

10" Elite

28.25" x 19.25" x 23.75"


10,000 GPH

15" Elite

30.25" x 33.5" x 26"


20,000 GPH

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