How To Choose Pond Fountains

Garden Fountains, Water Fountains, Pond Fountains, and Fountain Pumps

Fountains-and-Water-FeaturesA Water Fountain in your Garden Pond lends a touch of elegance to a garden pond or water garden as well as to larger water features such as farm ponds. It also adds much-needed oxygen to the fish pond to aid the filtration of the water and keep pond fish such as Goldfish, Golden Orfe and Koi healthy (and alive) during hot summer days. These large Fountains are specifically designed for Farm Ponds, Natural Bottom Ponds, and Small Lakes (such as Golf Course Ponds and Lakes).

Many different types of Garden Fountains, Water Fountains, Fountain Pumps, and Fountain Sprays are available.  Sometimes Fountains for certain applications are called pond aerators or water aerators.

Just a few simple rules to help with choosing the correct Pond Fountain:Deer Scarer Bamboo Fountain-4451

  • The height of the Water Fountain spray should not be greater than one half the width of the garden pond to prevent too much water loss.
  • Garden Fountain spray shapes such as the “Bell Fountain” and “Tulip Fountain” are the best choices for open and windy areas.
  • Fountain sprays are very popular but require a little more maintenance and can contribute to significant water loss on windy days.
  • Bubblers are the simplest and most maintenance free Fountain Heads but need a stronger Fountain Pump to make it look attractive.
  • The Fountain Spray should be matched to the Fountain Pump to ensure proper water distribution. Many pumps are available that include the proper head.