Pond algae


I built a pond of approximately 130ft x 45ft x 6ft ave depth. I have stocked it with bream, perch and catfish. I am experiencing a massive growth of hair algae which I am afraid will decimate the fish population if not addressed. Please advise.


Since your Fish Pond is so large I would recommend having lots of Pond Plants for coverage over your water and to help eat up the nutrients that algae feeds off of. If you don’t want Pond Plants covering surface of your pond, you can always use Blue Dye for Large Lakes & Ponds. The Blue Dye will help prevent sunlight from beating into the water. Algae will grow rapidly in sunlight and Blue Dye can help prevent sunlight from getting to the algae.

Adding Beneficial Bacteria will help minimize the amount of nutrients in your Fish Pond. I would suggest using Large Lake & Pond Bio Cleaner. Large Lake & Bio Cleaner consists of packets of dry bacteria that you just toss into your Fish Pond and they remove the food source from algae.

Algaecides can also be used to knock back your algae and to get it under control. Be careful when using Algaecides. Never overdose when treating your Fish Pond with an Algaecide and also have lots of aeration provided for your Pond Fish. Algaecides remove oxygen from the water and this can be very stressful =”https://www.pondmarket.com/catalog/index.cfm/category/23/pond-air-pumps.cfm”>Air Pumps can help ensure that your fish are breathing easy.