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Koi Fish

Koi are, without a doubt, the crowning glory of a pond. It takes excellent pond filtration and water quality to successfully raise koi fish.

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Water Ecosystems

Oxygenating and submerged pond plants serve the purpose of filtering pond water and providing a place for koi and goldfish to lay eggs, as well as provide a place for fry (baby fish) to hide. This ecosystem can be self-sustaining when you have the right balance of plants, fish, oxygen and ph balance.

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Landscaping Your Pond

Creating an oasis in your yard is easy to do and ponds can be the main focal point to your yard. Landscaping and hardscape can make a pond really stand out and will encourage wildlife to visit your pond.

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Pond & Garden Market has lots of information on tropical and hardy pond plants, bog plants, and water garden plants encompassing everything from Oxygenators, over reeds and rushes, pond grasses, blooming pond plants, flowering pond plants, and floating pond plants such as Water Hyacinth and Water Lettuce. From tropical Water Lilys to blooming water lilies we are your source for pond design ideas. Pond & Garden Market has tons of articles on Pond Equipment and Pond Supplies and make the right choices on Pond Pumps, Pond Filters, and Pond Liners for the Garden Pond owner as well as large scale equipment including Aerators and Aeration Systems for large ponds. Pond Lighting is our specialty and includes LED submersible light strips to color changing Fountains and Waterfalls. Need to know about beneficial bacteria, safe pond algae controls, and natural pond products that do not contain harsh chemicals and that are safe for birds, dogs, kids, pets, and wild animals? We have you covered! We have insights on installs and maintains of koi ponds, waterfalls, lighting systems, and maintenance-free filtration systems for koi ponds.

Pond & Garden Market is a full online store serving the USA & Canada. We have some great idea on how to buy Koi Pond fish, Goldfish, Algae Eaters, and hardy pond snails. We offer the best and tips on purchasing koi and goldfish. Learn about domestic Koi, Butterfly Koi, Shubunkins, Goldfish, hardy Algae Eaters, Catfish, Golden Orfe, and others.


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We offer an awesome selection of other Garden items to round out the little wildlife habitat you created: Wind and Fairy Garden decor, unusual Bird Houses and Bird Feeders as well as non-GMO Wild Bird Food. Learn how to add fish to your pond.


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Learn more about creating and designing your garden pond.

How To Build A Pond 

Pond Supplies & Garden Products


Designing a pond starts with a great design, landscaping and hardscape. Shop Now

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For homeowners who love their backyard as it is but want to take their outdoor space up a notch, a self-installed pond is a perfect way to add a personal and whimsical flair to the home. View more

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