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Whether you need Heirloom Seeds, Pond Kits, Garden Tools and Furniture, or just inspiration and gifts, we want to be your source for everything garden. Shopping can feel overwhelming if you don’t know what you need, so we have taken the time to figure out and organize your shopping experience so that picking the right things feels organic. If you know what you need, simply search for the product in our mega menu or gain inspiration from suggestions and photos on every page.

Ponds and Gardens Below and Above the Ground

Like the land and the sea, The water and earth garden are very different environments, but they complement each other perfectly. The plants and creatures living in a pond would have a tough time living out of the water and the plants in your backyard would likely drown if confined to the pond. Their ecosystems are vastly different.  Because they are so different, we have divided this site into two categories, ponds, and gardening. Keeping this site simple yet packed with information is key to your successful backyard adventures; hopefully, you will find everything you need to grow your dream.

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You can combine all of your gardening elements simply so you won’t feel swamped. Whether you are a pro just looking for new inspirations, hacks, or products, or you are a beginner just getting started with building your first pond or starting your yard design, we want to encourage you to explore and feel free to dip your toes into the water at any time.

Pond and Garden Supplies

Nothing is worse than feeling overwhelmed; our goal is to simplify your shopping experience. Organization is key! We are constantly adding new items to our comprehensive list of necessities for every pond and garden. Searching for items has never been easier when you shop by category, name, topic, or relevant words. Whether you are looking for something modern and new, extravagant or expensive, or just the basics, we can point you to what you are looking for without getting overwhelmed by the millions of items to purchase.

Pond and Gardening Resources

From beginners to experienced pond and yard builders, we have videos, articles, blogs, tutorials, diagrams, and special interest programs for you! Whether you want to learn to build, plant, buy or educate, we have something of learning value on every page. Sometimes it is just about starting with the basics of popular landscape types and what to put in them to springboard you to the next level. Very briefly, let’s explore why we have separated out these very complex and diverse types of backyards:

Creating a Pond

There is so much to know about ponds and especially the delicate balance of a backyard koi fish pond. It consists of algae, fungi, plants, microorganisms, antibiotic environmental factors, and quite a bit of equipment to filter, heat, clean, and aerating devices whether it is a waterfall, solar fountain, or something else. We will help you understand what abiotic environmental factors are and what biotic communities of organisms are. We will also explore the three distinct classifications of a fish pond: the producer, the consumer, and the decomposer.

Determining the right size and depth are also considerations when creating your ecosystem. Just as you would never want to put harmful chemicals into a fish pond, the new way to garden is to get back to basics and go 100 percent natural, letting the flowers, and herbs are your pesticides and encouraging bees, butterflies, birds, and worms to thrive and survive in your garden!

pondless waterfalls
garden flowers

Starting a Garden

Habitat is “the natural home or environment of an animal, plant, or other organism or a particular type of environment regarded as a home for organisms.”

An ecosystem is defined as “a community of living organisms (plants, animals, and microbes) in conjunction with the non-living components of their environment (things like air, water, and mineral soil), interacting as a system.” It’s stunning to think of your backyard – your own little piece of earth – as an ecosystem. What are the possibilities for exploring this dimension of your little plot of land? What are the implications for impacting your surroundings? Only four ingredients are required: Food, water, protection, and breeding grounds (a place to have their babies). Sounds simple! Well, it can be and we want to tell you more in the garden section of this site.
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Garden Design Ideas

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Whether you come to this site for continued inspiration or education, we have design ideas, photos and videos that will help you explore everything, and we are constantly adding more. Whether you are starting so measure, dig, and prepare to build, or just embellishing what you currently have, we are sure to have ideas and products to help make your hard work a little easier. We love to share what we are doing and dig what you are doing too. From step by step Do-It-Yourself pond and water feature building, to how to build a raised gardening bed, how to build steps on a slope, and where and how to build a retaining wall, we’ve got pointers to keep you on track. Many times all you need is a little inspiration. Our glorious inspirational yard photos and videos of ponds are sure to spark fresh ideas for your design plans, big or small. We love photos and videos and sharing what we know. Join us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and right here in our Pond & backyard galleries often as we are constantly adding and expanding!

Once you have explored our site for your garden design inspirations, discovered our YouTube channel videos, read through our many blogs, and maybe even downloaded our free tutorial pdf instructions, there is a lot of shopping to do! Our links make finding what you need a breeze. 

How To Build a Pond

Learn how to build a pond.

Pond Design Ideas

We offer complimentary information on tropical and hardy plants, bog plants, and water plants, encompassing everything from oxygenators, grasses, blooming, flowering, and floating plants (such as water hyacinth and water lettuce), and let’s not forget about reeds and rushes. 

We are your source for design ideas — big or small. We have tons of articles on equipment and pond supplies and how to make the right choices on water pumps, pond filters, and pond liners. We also cover details about large-scale equipment including aerators and aeration systems. The knowledge we share with you includes everything from LED submersible light strips to color-changing fountains and waterfalls. 

Do you need to know about beneficial bacteria, safe algae control, and natural pond products that do not contain harsh chemicals and are safe for birds, dogs, kids, pets, and wild animals? We have you covered! We have insights on installing and maintaining waterfalls, lighting systems, and maintenance-free filtration systems for koi ponds. From tropical water lilies to blooming water lilies, we also offer extensive information about what to plant in your water feature to keep it thriving naturally.

Not only do we offer information and inspiration, but also for product suggestions delivered to your door — we are your source!

We have created an awesome selection of Gardening items to round out the little wildlife habitat you created: Wind and Fairy Garden decor, unusual Bird Houses and Bird Feeders as well as non-GMO Wild Bird Food.


pond fish

We have some great ideas on how to buy Koi Pond fish, Goldfish, Algae Eaters, and hardy pond snails. We offer the best and tips on purchasing koi and goldfish. Learn about domestic Koi, Butterfly Koi, Shubunkins, Goldfish, hardy Algae Eaters, Catfish, Golden Orfe, and others.

How To Build A Pond 

The Basics For How To Make A Pond

install rocks in a pond

Learn more about pond building.

Overhaul Your Landscaping

pond in landscape

For homeowners who love their backyard as it is but want to take their outdoor space up a notch, a self-installed pond is a perfect way to add a personal and whimsical flair to the home. View more

Pond Supplies & Garden Products

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Designing a pond starts with a great design, landscaping, and hardscape. Check out all of the products we feature to help make your pond and garden amazing!