How to Plant Pond Plants and the Caring for Water Lilies


When potting aquatic pond plants, the first thing needed is a suitable aquatic pond plant pot. There are floating pond plant pots that are fun, too! Most pots for pond plants are perforated so water does not stagnate and have handles for use for easy removal of the pond plants when transplanting or fertilizing the pond plants. Liquid pond plant fertilizers do not feed algae and can be applied directly to the pond water eliminating the hassle of pulling the pond plants in and out or you getting in and out of the pond to fertilize them.

Pond plants need to derive their nutrients from the water, not soil. Potting soils, top soils, and compact clay are great for pond plants but terrible for fish, fish ponds, and water gardens. We count on pond plants like water lilies to help filter the pond water therefore we want to use an aquatic plant media when potting our aquatic pond plants.




When potting a pond plant or water lily, place the pond pond plant in an aquatic pond plant pot, fill around the pond plant with aquatic plant media, and then add a couple inches of gravel over the top of the aquatic plant media to hold everything in place and to deter koi and goldfish from eating the pond plant. This is also a good time to fertilize the pond plant.

Water lilies are potted in a similar manner. Potting water lilies are similar to potting and planting aquatic pond plants. The tuber needs to be placed in a water lily pot or water lily container. These are typically larger in diameter to accommodate water lily tubers.  Place the tuber in the bottom of the container and cover everything except the crown of the tuber (where lily pads grow up from) with aquatic plant media. Once covered with aquatic plant media, add a couple inches of gravel to deter koi and goldfish from eating the water lily tuber and roots. This is also a great time to fertilize the water lily.

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