How To Choose a Pond Filter

How to Choose Pond Filters

It is critical that a Pond Filter and the Pond Pump that powers it be sized correctly. Pond Filters that are too small for the Pond will not keep the Pond Water (or the Pond Fish) healthy or clean. Pond Filters are engineered for a certain “flow rate” and it is important to select a Pond Pump that is close to this figure. It does not hurt if a Pond is “over filtered”, but it is dangerous to Pond Fish if it is “under filtered”.

Pond-Skimmer-Waterfall-FilterWaterfall Filters and Pond Skimmer Filters: These two types of Pond Filters are most often used in conjunction with each other.
Pond Skimmer Filters are buried in the ground next to the pond and the pond liner fastens to the pond skimmer filter. Pond Skimmer Filters typically have a debris net and brushes or a filter pad inside them so debris is moved from pond water before entering the pond pump. Aside from removing debris from the top of pond water, pond skimmer filters also make pond pumps easily accessible because the pump is easily accessible and not in the pond. The pond looks better too because the hose and tubing are concealed from view.



Atlantic-BF1250-FilterfallWaterfall filters are typically located located at the starting point of the waterfall. They contain filter pads for mechanical filtration and have a media bag for lava rock, bio-balls, or any other type of biological filter media. This is where your beneficial bacteria grows and filters the water. Waterfall filters are an easy way to make a waterfall and filter pond water.

The Waterfall Filter should be located at the opposite end of the Pond from the Skimmer Filter. This arrangement insures maximum circulation. Waterfall and Skimmer Filters are to be sized to take into consideration not only the size of the Pond, but also the size of the Pond Pump needed to produce the desired Waterfall.


Tetra-Flat-Box-Submersible-FilterSubmersible Pond Filters are useful for smaller Ponds and/or Ponds that do not have an area around it where an “out of the Pond” Filter could be easily hidden from view. They offer a combination of biological and mechanical Pond Filtration and must generally be cleaned more often, since they tend to pick up all the debris from the Pond bottom. Submersible Pond Filters are, with few exceptions, the most reasonably priced Pond Filters.



PondMax-Pond-FiltersMost Pressurized Pond Filters today are also Back-Flushing Pond Filters. They are very easy to clean, offer mechanical and biological Filtration and most often incorporate a UV Light Filter to keep the Pond Water crystal clear. Pressurized Pond Filters are always “out of the Pond” Filters. They can be partially buried in the landscaping around the Pond and be easily cleaned by just switching a valve and/or deploying a lever or other mechanical device.