How to Fix a Leaking Pond or Pond Leak

TidalWave Pump 1 HP-0

Pond Leaks Debunked A “leak” with regards to a pond is a 4 letter word, without question. In most cases, there are only a few sources to cause a pond leak: Pond Skimmer or Waterfall Filter Canister (Pressure) Filter O-ring or hose connection A low spot in pond liner/ waterfall liner Hole in pond/waterfall liner (holes do…

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How to Plant Pond Plants and the Caring for Water Lilies

When potting aquatic pond plants, the first thing needed is a suitable aquatic pond plant pot. There are floating pond plant pots that are fun, too! Most pots for pond plants are perforated so water does not stagnate and have handles for use for easy removal of the pond plants when transplanting or fertilizing the…

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Fountains, Water Features, Free Standing Waterfalls

We offer a wide variety of free standing fountains and water features as well as fountains and water features for garden ponds, water gardens, and koi ponds. We also specialize in pond-less, pond-free, and water-less waterfalls. Recently, we added Aqua Bella Fountains to our product offering.   How to Install Fountains and Water Features  …

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Large Ponds: Pumps and Aerating Fountains

Choosing a pump for a waterfall in a retention pond, earth bottom pond, or lagoon is similar to that of a koi pond in that you have to choose a pump that can deliver enough water to get the amount of water needed up to the starting point of the waterfall. We typically recommend external…

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How to choose Pond UV Filters, Ultraviolet Clarifiers, and Sterilizers

EA BioPRO 4000-0

  There are 3 components discussed in this article:  Ultraviolet Clarifiers, Ultraviolet Sterilzers, and UV Fiters. For information about pond filtration, click here.  One misconception of ultraviolet clarifiers is that they “kill” beneficial bacteria. Ultraviolet fixtures can kill beneficial bacteria when sized and used with that as the goal. Most ultraviolet clarifiers are too small,…

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How to choose Pond Fish Food

Emperor Aquatics BioPRO Koi Pond Filter

Quality Pond Fish Food for Koi and Goldfish keeps the Pond Fish healthy & helps maintain the quality of the Pond Water. Our most popular foods are our proprietary floating bulk mixes: Basic Bulk Koi and Goldfish Food, Spring/Fall Bulk Koi and Goldfish food, and our Steak Mix bulk Koi and Goldfish food. It is important to remember that what goes in…

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How To Choose Pond Fountains

Garden Fountains, Water Fountains, Pond Fountains, and Fountain Pumps A Water Fountain in your Garden Pond lends a touch of elegance to a garden pond or water garden as well as to larger water features such as farm ponds. It also adds much-needed oxygen to the fish pond to aid the filtration of the water…

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How To Choose a Pond Filter

1 1/2" Knife (Gate) Valve-0

How to Choose Pond Filters It is critical that a Pond Filter and the Pond Pump that powers it be sized correctly. Pond Filters that are too small for the Pond will not keep the Pond Water (or the Pond Fish) healthy or clean. Pond Filters are engineered for a certain “flow rate” and it…

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Free Pond and Garden Care eBooks

Choose the EBooks that you like Click on the the Book Cover to download There are a variety of topics covered and always feel free to contact us if you have more questions. Enjoy and thank you. Winterizing Your Pond This e-Book offers important tips for winterizing in all climates How to prepare for Autumn…

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