PH Balance


Hi! Nothing I seem to do lowers the PH balance of our pond. I have tried several PH decreasers (purchased through you) and the PH barely comes down at all. Please advise!! Thanks! Gary


We understand how frustrating pH can be. Here are a couple of facts:
1. pH fluctuates throughout the day from photosynthesis.
2. Most fish safe acids (pH down, pH reducer, pH minus, pH salts down) are designed to safely lower the pH of pond water. This means that most will Given the above statements, if your pH is higher than 9.0, most ponds are, you would have to treat your pond at least 5 times to see a noticeable difference link Some test strips measure this. The higher the buffering capacity, the harder it is to adjust pH. Since fish safe acids only lower UP TO 2 tenths of a point per application, you could be up against 10-20 treatments before it comes down. Again, once it’s down – it’s down.