10 watt Pondmaster Submersible UVC

Submersible or External Pond UV Clarifier- YOU PICK!


Unit can be used as a Sterilizer OR a Clarifier, depending on the flow rate!
Pondmaster UVC’s can be used inside or outside your Garden Pond!It is the only major brand submersible Pond UVC!


Max Pond Size


Max Pond Size


Max Flow


Max Flow


10 Watt

1500 gallons

750 Gallons

750 GPH

350 GPH

20 Watt

3000 gallons

1500 Gallons

1500 GPH

750 GPH

40 Watt

6000 gallons

3000 Gallons

3000 GPH

1500 GPH


Model Dimensions Cord Length
10 Watt  15″ x 6″  18′
20 Watt  19″ x 6″  18′
40 Watt  24″ x 6″  18′

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Shipping Included
PM Warranty Service

Parts Avail.

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