AirMax PondAir Aeration Kit for Fish Ponds (Pond Air Pump)

Lack of oxygen is the #1 Killer of pond fish!!


Contrary to popular belief, “pond heaters” by themselves rarely ensure all pond fish make it through the winter months. When talking with “pond people” it’s frequently heard that one or more of their pond fish did not make it through the winter months. Pond heaters, really these are de-icers, maintain a hole in the pond ice for gas exchange. The thought process behind the pond heater is that by maintaining a hole in the ice “bad air” escapes the pond and oxygen enters the pond. This does happen to some extent but think about this argument: why in summer months do so many pond people embark on the journey to add a fountain pump, pond spitter, or other water feature to help oxygenate the pond water? The pond needs to be oxygenated in winter months as well and pond heaters do not always do the trick. With nothing running in winter months, maintaining a hole in the pond ice is not enough to ensure adequate oxygen levels in fish ponds. Especially in fish ponds that are at capacity or over stocked. Lets be honest, most of our ponds are this way. Whether from the pond fish breending or by continually finding that extra fish that “we must have”, most ponds are at capacity.

  • AirMax Pond logic PondAir pumps satisfy the fish need for oxygen. PondAir systems come complete with the Outdoor Adjustable Air Pump, Air Tubing, Air Stones, and Check Valves. These systems are installed in minutes and guarantee that your fish will not run out of air during winter months.
  • The bonus of using an air pump, or pond aeration kit, is that they can be used all year long to ensure brighter colors of pond fish, healthier pond fish, and they help to keep algae out of the pond too!
  • Aeration kits should be ran 24/7. These air pumps only use 4 WATTS of power so the electic bill influence is minimal.
  • All AirMax Pond Logic PondAir systems use standard 110 volt electricity and have a 6′ powe cord. All come with at least 30′ of tubing to get the air stones into the pond where they are needed.


Model PondAir 2 PondAir 4
Air Flow .15 CFM .30 CFM
Max Pond Size 1000 Gallons 2000 Gallons
Tubing (2) 30′ Coils (4) 30′ Coils
Check Valves 2 4
Air Stones 2 – 2″ Blue Round 4 – 2″ Blue Round
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year

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