Algae Batallion

The Algae Batallion is a kit, put together by the folks at PondMarket, consisting of safe, powerfull, and lasting products to use at not only ridding the pond of algae, but, keeping algae out of the garden pond, too. 


Our popular ALGAE BATALLION is back and this time with EPA registered product (EPA # 8709-10 and 8709-8 )!
It is better than ever!

  • Crystal Clear Algae Off to clean existing String Algae, Hair Algae and other multi cell Algae
  • PondCare Algae Fix to clean up the Pond Water

Please note: These Products cannot ship to Canada or California

  • Always space usage of the two products by 72 hours
  • All Pond Products work better & faster when the pH is in the correct range
  • Make sure the Pond Pumps are running when using algaecides in a Pond with Pond Fish

Amount of water treated is based on PondCare Algae Fix, since Crystal Clear Algae Off is a granular product that can be applied directly on to the Waterfall and Rocks or the Pond in addition to being used disolved in the Pond Water.

* PondCare Algae Fix may be substituted with , Tetra Algae Control or Microbe-Lift Algaway on occasion depending on inventory. All are equally effective, plant and fish safe product. All are EPA registered.

(EPA # 8709-10 & 8709-8) These Products cannot ship to Canada or California

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