Aqua-Link Creeper Island/Little Beauty Island

The Creeper Island is a cost conscious alternative to Water Lilies for quick surface coverage.

  • It’s especially good for those sprawling type plants.
  • Little Beauty Islands will weave and bob whereever wind and water will take them, adding an array of color along the way.


Plants will love the unique design that assures plenty of exposed roots to help improve water quality!

  • Creepers are 9" dia. foam collarby6" hole.
  • Little Beauty is 5" dia. foam collarby 3" hole.
  • Any light weight plant will do as long as the mature height doesn’t exceed 6"-8".
  • They are most attractive when used with low growing, spreading plants.
AL1IPCICreeper Island – 9" dia. foam collar x 6" hole$8.50
AL1IPLBLittle Beauty 5" dia. foam collarx 3" hole$4.50


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