Assorted Our Choice 3pk bare root

  • 14 Varieties to choose from
  • Mature plant sizes vary from small to large
  • "Small" varieties are ideal for container gardens, tub gardens and small Ponds
  • "Medium" and "Large" Varieties work best in medium to large Ponds!
  • Sold in 3 packs (all water lilies are sold in lots of 3 plants)
  • Expedited shipping included in price
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AssortedOur Choice$ 96.99FREE
Attorney ElrodNymphaea x ‘Attorney Elrod’RedGreenSM-Medium$108.99FREE
AttractionNymphaea x ‘Attraction’RedGreenMedium$102.99FREE
Black PrincessNymphaea x ‘Black Princess’RedGreenMedium$131.99FREE
EllisanaNymphaea x ‘Ellisiana’RedGreenSmall$108.99FREE
EscarboucleNymphaea x ‘Escarboucle’RedGreenMed-Large$131.99FREE
GloriosaNymphaea x ‘Gloriosa’RedGreenMedium$102.99FREE
GypsyNymphaea x ‘Gypsy’RedGreenMedium$108.99FREE
James BrydonNymphaea x ‘James Brydon’RedGreenSM-Medium$113.99FREE
Laydekeri FulgensNymphaea x ‘Laydekeri Fulgens’RedGreenSmall$108.99FREE
Perry’s Baby RedNymphaea x ‘Perry’s Baby Red’RedGreenSmall$102.99FREE
Red SpiderNymphaea x ‘Red Spider’RedGreenMedium$108.99FREE
RembrandtNymphaea x ‘Rembrandt’RedGreenMed-Large$108.99FREE
RobinsonianaNymphaea x ‘Robinsoniana’RedGreenMedium$131.99FREE
Steven StrawnNymphaea x ‘Steven Strawn’RedGreenMedium$108.99FREE

Attorney Elrod "Red" Hardy Water Lily 3pk bare root: Deep red flowers and green leaves.

Attraction "Red" Hardy Water Lily 3pk bare root: Rich garnet blossoms. Largest of the red hardy lilies. Flower shape is cup-like then star-like. Very slight fragrance. Free bloomer. A very popular choice. Excellent cut flowers.

Black Princess "Red" Hardy Water Lily 3pk bare root: Deep red flowers with hints of black. The leaves start as maroon and mature to green. Great plant for any size Pond.

Burgundy Princess "Red" Hardy Water Lily 3pk bare root: Deep wine red, cup-shaped blooms. Petals curve inward. Free flowering. Tolerates partial shade. The leaves ared dotted green. Good for small to medium size Ponds.

Ellisiana "Red" Hardy Water Lily 3pk bare root: Very free flowering. Brilliant red petals and green leaves. Full star shaped flower. Nice fragrance and excellent for tub gardens and small Ponds.

Escarboucle "Red" Hardy Water Lily 3 pk bare root: Petals are bright red tipped in white. New pads are brownish tuning to green. Stays open in the afternoon later than most reds.

Gloriosa "Red" Hardy Water Lily 3pk bare root: This free flowering lily has cup-like, bright red flowers and lush green foliage. Very adaptable to any size Pond.

Gypsy "Red" Hardy Water Lily 3pk bare root: Deep red that lightens towards outer petals. Good bloomer. Pleasant fragrance. Good choice forsmall to medium Ponds.

James Brydon "Red" Hardy Water Lily 3pk bare root: Very free flowering. Deep red cup-shaped blossoms. Broad petals curve inward. Pads are bronze. Sweet apple scent, tolerates partial shade. Good for any size Pond.

Laydekeri Fulgens "Red" Hardy Water Lily3pk bare root: Extremely free flowering. Magnificent glowing red blooms with fiery red stamens. Reddish brown flecks on dark green leaves. Cup-like blooms. Slight fragrance.

Perry’s Baby Red "Red" Hardy Water Lily 3pk bare root: Very free flowering. Small green leaves. Flowers are cup shaped. Slight fragrance. Excellent for tub gardens and small Ponds.

Red Spider "Red" Hardy Water Lily 3pk bare root: Long, narrow, pointed petals with fire orange stamens. Olive green leaves with maroon specks.

Rembrandt "Red" Hardy Water Lily 3pk bare root: Strong growing hydrid. Garnet red blooms with white sepals. Dark green foliage.

Robinsoniana "Red" Hardy Water Lily 3pk bare root: Orange-red flowers. Light purple leaves turning green with age. Slight fragrance.

Steven Strawn "Red" Hardy Water Lily 3pk bare root: Outstanding orange-red blossoms are held just above the rich green foliage, which is covered by dark specks. Moderate bloomer.

Growing hardy Water Lilies is easy! Maintenance is even easier. The best "soil" to use for hardy Water Lilies is Aquatic Planting Media. This media does not compact, which allows for hardy Water Lily roots to become established. Top soil, potting soil, and other "gardening" soil mediums foul pond water and can be toxic to pond fish. Water Lilies are heavy feeders and should be fertilized regularly for best growth and blooms. Liquid and tablet form of Aquatic Plant fertilizer often work best. It is recommended to put some decorative gravel on top of the aquatic planting medium to weigh the plant down and to keep the Pond Fish from rooting in the container.

Maintaining hardy Water Lilies is easy, too! Trim off spent blooms and pads to promote rapid regeneration and that’s it! After a season or two the hardy water lilies can be separated and divided so the plant does not direct all of its energy to it’s roots but rather to its pretty pads and blooms.


**To accomodate the cost of the necessary expedited shipping all hardy water lilies ordered through are sold in lots of three. All prices listed above are for 3 water lilies. Sorry – no mixing and matching. All pond plants are guaranteed to arrive alive. Once the hardy lilies arrive, it’s the responsibility of the customer to unpack and immediately plant and submerse the aquatic plants ordered.

All aquatic pond plants ordered from ship 7 – 10 days after the order is placed. If other products are ordered with the pond plants, the other products will be shipped in accordance with our current shipping policy which is within 48 hours. All aquatic pond plants are shipped with 1-3 day delivery service depending on current outside temperatures at no additional charge to ensure that the aquatic plants arrive alive.

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