White Epoxy Pond Liner

Pond Armor Pond Shield is a non-toxic epoxy liner used to seal fish ponds, pools, fountains, and water features. It’s non-toxic and can seal almost any material. It’s the only epoxy liner used by our professional crews


Pond Armor Pond Shield Non-Toxic Epoxy Pond Liners

Pond Shield is a 2 part epoxy and is available in 3 sizes:

  • 1.5 Quart Kit – covers 60 square feet
  • 1.5 Gallon Kit – covers 240 square feet
  • 3 Gallon Kit – covers 480 square feet

Coverages are based on a 10mil thickness on a smooth surface

Pond Shield can be applied to almost any surface and is frequently used to seal leaky concrete ponds, pools, and fountains. Pond Shield is:

  • Non-Toxic, not a Hazmat item, and is fish and plant safe
  • Applied with a roller and painting supplies
  • Works on a variety of surfaces; i.e. wood, concrete, brick, metal, plastic, fiberglass
  • Easy to apply
  • Tested and approved for temperatures ranging from -78 to 140 degrees F
  • Excellent for use in repairing concrete ponds and fountains
  • Great four use in new formal water features, fountains, and ponds
  • Can be used indoors and/or outdoors
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors

Often, Pond Shield seals most ponds, pools, or fountains in one coat. Sometimes two coats are necessary.

Pond Armor non-toxic Pond Shield is excellent to use when building water features, fountains, and/or ponds and a black rubber liner would not look aestetically appeasing.

Pond Armor non-toxic Pond Shield is available in the following stadard colors (see picture above for color listing)

To apply Pond Shield, it is recommended to:

  • clean and prep the surface according to the instructions
  • repair cracks according to the instructions
  • Apply Pond Shield

It’s that simple.

Each Pond Armor Kit contains the following:

  • Part A Resin
  • Part B Hardner
  • Thickness Gauge
  • Instructions

Coverage based on a 10mil thickness on a smooth surface

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