Acclimating Butterfly Koi Fish In Your Pond

The koi pictured are representative of the koi that will be shipped if ordered. Every order is guaranteed to be an excellent selection and mix of color. All fish are guaranteed to arrive healthy.

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Acclimating pond fish:

  1. Carry the box next to the pond
  2. Open the box
  3. Remove the outer most bag. The pond fish will be double bagged.
  4. Place the inner bag, still sealed, onto the pond surface.
  5. Allow the bag to float for approximately 10 minutes. In cool weater, 45 – 70 degree water, add 5 minutes to the acclimation process. In warmer weather, 70 – 85 degree water, total acclimation time should take no more than 5 minutes. If the bag will be floating in full sun, it may be necessary to open the fish bag and add a couple handfuls of water every minute or two.
  6. Once the pond fish is acclimated, dump the bag contents including the fish into the pond.
  7. If you are not an experienced fish keeper then it is not recommended to order pond fish online.
  8. It’s recommended to use stress relieving agents like Koi TLC and pond salt to make the fish’s transition to the new pond as easy as possible. After all, they spend ½ a day in an airplane and the other half in the back of a UPS/ Fed Ex truck.

As with all livestock, goldfish and koi are susceptible to outbreaks of disease. For this reason we suggest you quarantine new arrivals and recommend your customers do the same. PondMarket cannot accept responsibility for conditions created by mixing new fish and old fish.

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