Danner Pondmaster Pump Impellers(Rotors)

Pondmaster Pond Pump Impellers.


Tip: Often the pump cover is damaged when the impeller is broken or damaged.
Replacing the cover at the same time may be advisable.

Part# Description
12555 Impeller for PM2 &PM3, 250 & 350 gph
12575 Impeller for PM5, 500 gph
12585 Impeller for PM7, 700 gph
12745 Impeller for PM9, 950 gph
12755 Impeller for PM12, 1200 gph
12775 Impeller for PM18, 1800 gph
12780 Impeller for PM24, 2400 gph
12790 Impeller for PM36, 3600 gph
12955 Impeller for PM1.9

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