Flexible Heavy Duty Pond PVC 25′ Rolls

Made for direct burial
Will not be crushed by rocks

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Flexible pond PVC is the pond hose/ pond tubing of choice for pond professionals and the hobbyist that is tired of leaky pond hose or pond hose that deteriorates in sunlight. Flexible Pond PVC pond hose is for use with schedule 40 plumbing fittings found on this site as well as schedule 40 fittings that are included with many pond skimmers, pond waterfall bio-filters, professional grade koi pond filters, and pond pumps. This is also the pond hose that fits check valve assemblies made to use in pond skimmers with pond pumps.

Flexible pond pvc is just like it’s hard pipe counterpart only it’s a flexible hose. Always use pvc primer and pvc glue with flexible pond pvc. Apply the primer first, and then the glue. Apply the primer and glue to the flexible pond pvc and the fitting that the pvc is being glued into.

PVC is available in roll form only online. PVC can be purchased by the foot in the outlet store in St. Louis.

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