Laguna Bio-Max Filter Media

12.03 oz/ 120 pieces of Biological Filter Media.


Thanks to its unique ceramic structure, Bio-Max promotes, protects and encourages Beneficial Bacteria in Pond Water, resulting in a clean, clear Garden Pond!

Bio-Max has a large surface area and number of pores perfectly sized to allow Beneficial Bacterial Colonies to thrive, creating a Bacterial Sanctuary that maintains a Biological Balance in Pond Water. Beneficial Bacteria living in the micro-tunnels and micro-cavities naturally eliminate Ammonia and Nitrite, which are toxic compounds that originate from pond inhabitants, decomposing organic matter, and runoff from surrounding terrain.

If used to supplement pond filter, use 1 box per 1,000 gallons. If used as sole biological filtration, use 1 box per 500 gallons. 


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