Laguna Power Clear Max UV Koi Pond & Fish Pond Sterilizer/Clarifier

Clarify your Garden Pond Water- NO MORE GREEN!

  • Sterilize your water- help eliminate DISEASE and PARASITES!
  • Can only be used outside the pond.

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For Garden Ponds up to 5000 gallons!


Laguna Pond UV Sterilizer for Garden Ponds up to 5000 gallons, keeps Pond Water clear and helps kill harmful Bacteria and Parasites making a Pond safer for Pond Fish like Koi and Goldfish and all Pond Inhabitants!

The Laguna Power Clear Pond UV Sterilizers/Clarifiers areavailable with 8 watt, 25 watt, and 55 watt UV bulbs. The High Performance models have a high performance, low voltage, corkscrew design and work 50% faster than traditional designs.Can only be used outside the Pond.

Power Clear MAX High Performance Models:

  • KeepsPond Waterclear- Guaranteed!
  • Corkscrew sleeve increases UV contact time and increases efficiency by 50%
  • Quartz Sleeve protects bulb AND maintains proper bulb temperature.
  • Creates Beneficial Pond Water Conditions for Fish and Plants.
  • Safe and low voltage design includes 12 volt Transformer.
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically with clamps provided.

Part #

UV Wattage

Clarifier Max Flow

Sterilizer Max Flow

Max Pond Size


PT-1650: PowerClear Max 1000

8 watt

500 gph

300 gph

1000 gallons


PT-1655: PowerClear Max 2000

25 watt

1000 gph

700 gph

2000 gallons


PT-1660: PowerClear Max 5000*

55 watt

2500 gph

1500 gph

5000 gallons


*Due to size this item may have additional shipping charges.

** 8 watt on backorder


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