Matala Filter Media (Full Sheet)

Matala filter material is one of the best filter materials on the market for koi ponds and water gardens. With 4 densities to choose from, using Matala pads completes any pond fitler system.

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  • Approximately 48″ x 39″ x 1.5″ (120cm x 100 cm x 4 cm).
  • Weight per sheet is between 8 to 10 pounds, depending on density.
  • One sheet is 13 sq. ft. 8 sq. ft. equal 1 cubic ft. of media.
FSGYFull Sheet Grey 48″ x 39″ x 1.5″
FSBFull Sheet Blue 48″ x 39″ x 1.5″
FSGFull Sheet Green 48″ x 39″ x 1.5″
FSBKFull Sheet Black 48″ x 39″ x 1.5″

One full sheet equals 1.6 cubic feet, or 12 gallon volume.
Semi-rigid, self-supporting, and non-brittle.
Specific gravity: 0.95 Slightly buoyant.
Made of EVA material – Non-toxic to environmet.

The various densities can be used in sequence or separately for unique filtration requirements. This is one of the characteristicswhich Matala has to offer. No other media on the market can perform this step-wise filtration. Matala effectivelyseparates large particles to small and still maintains a very aerobic and free flow of water without channeling.

Matala is slightly buoyant and will not sink to the bottom of your filter. Matala stood vertically on end will not float. Matala stacked horizontally will hold each other down.

Due to its rigidity, the Matala can be wedged in place in the filter without support. It will hold it open 3-dimensional internal structure even if purposely crushed.

It is easy to cut. Use a hole saw to cut circles for pipe work. Use a jig saw with a fine tooth blade, or 8′ long sharp carving knife for free-form shapes. You can also use band saw with a very fine tooth blade or turn the blad and use the backside as a knife.

Use a masonry blade turned backwards on a circular saw.

When deciding how many sheet of Matala are needed for your pond, think 1,2,3,4. This is the number of sheets per 1000 gallons, depending on your fish load. The fish load really detemines the volume of any media required. Many hobbyists filters are too small for the fish load. Your pond could still function reasonably well because ponds are very resilient and manage to adjust to high fish loads even with small filter. However, a pond with a high fish load and a small filter will need to increase maintenance and care. You will likely have bigger algae problems and fish health issues if your filter is too small.

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