Microbe Lift Ammonia Remover

Neutralizes Toxic Ammonia, Chloramine & Chlorine!


May be used:

At start-up
When making water changes
When replacing lost water due to evaporation or when your Garden Pond is overstocked withtoo many fish.
See below for dosage information
Neutralizes Residual Chlorine and destroys deadly Chloramine.
Treats Ammonia Burn on Pond Fish.
Safe for use with all Garden Pond Fish and Aquatic Life!

Microbe Lift Ammonia Remover is buffered to help prevent a drop in both alkalinity (acid-neutralized capacity) and pH when used to remove very high levels of total ammonia.

16 oz treats 5760 gallons

32 oz treats 11,520 gallons

128 oz treats 46,080 gallons

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